Endings and Beginnings

::drumming fingers on my desk::  I sincerely thought this would be a lot easier to write then it has become.  But change is definitely in the air here.  I have been a Pagan Podcaster since January 4, 2006. 001 That’s the date that I released my first episode as “From the Edge of the Circle”.  Counting today’s date (September 23rd, 2013) — that comes to a total of 7 years, 8 months and 20 days, or 2820 days.  Come October 31st, the podcast will have run 7 years, 9 months, and 28 days or 2858 days – the date of its final episode.

That’s right.  From the Edge of the Circle will come to an end on that date.  Between now and that date – I plan two other episodes of the show.  Episode 139 is nearly completed, and should be out shortly.  Episode 140 will be released around October 10th.  The final episode – Episode 141 – will come out on October 31st.

I originally created the podcast to share


my thoughts and opinions on Paganism.  It was and is a place where I shared some of the pitfalls I have come across in my many years (a little more than a quarter of a century) as a Seeker on a Pagan Path.The format has changed slightly over the years.  I even had an unfortunate foray into the world of politics through a part of the show.  But regardless of all of that, the podcast has always been my gift to the Pagan community.  Not only has it been a treat for me to work on it, but I have made many friends through the show.  The two images you see with this blog post come from a military challenge coin I was sent by Bill Ramsey, who was serving overseas in Iraq at the time.  He was a listener to the show, and provided this gift to me in the mail.  Its one of the most treasured gifts that I own.  And his is only one of many such stories.

I have also made many friends within the Pagan Podcasting community.  Mojo and Sparrow – who infamously hijacked one of my shows through their ‘hacking’ of the podwaves, Rev. Aidan Odinsson in Pennsylvania, Darkly Fey, David Pollard, Greywolf and a whole host of others I am likely forgetting.  But this does not mean that I am leaving podcasting….I am not podfading (or whatever the term is called) whatsoever…

Sometime around November 10th to the 15th (I do not have a set date yet), I will be bringing in a new podcast – “On a Pagan Path”.  The podcast’s focus will be on my own Path, but will bring something that did not fit into the format of ‘Edge’ — interviews/discussions with other people about their own personal Paths.  I figure that a better gift to the Community was to provide a platform where people could get the chance to discuss their own Paths and passions.  I know I mentioned ‘interviews’ – but think more along the lines of a discussion.  I want to hear what other people are doing in their lives — both on their Spiritual Path and what they are doing in their own lives.  I’ll still discuss some of the happenings in my own Path – and I promise, we will stay as far from the world of politics as we can in the show.  I’m already lining up folks to talk about stuff…and am looking forward to bringing the first show out.  I will also be bringing the podcast into a tighter focus with this blog, which will likely undergo a name change to incorporate the two together.  I’m excited about going this route…and the changes that are coming.

Hopefully, ya’ll will join me in the new show…but first, the really hard task of bringing ‘Edge’ into its final days.  While I am excited about the change…I’m still a little sad to be letting this part of my life go…

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