Who Has Time to Wait? I Do…

If you had asked me a few years back, I would have told you that money makes the world go round. After all, without the scratch to back anything – its hard to keep any kind of service running for people in the public forum. But I have watched time and again, where the Pagan community, seemingly a loosely knit group of perpetually cash-strapped folks, have found ways to dig into their pockets for the causes and services that they believe in. And over the past few years, I have come to notice that its not really money that makes things go…its belief and time.

As a wide-arching community that encompasses many different personal beliefs – the “Big Tent” of Paganism, as John Beckett has mentioned in many of his blog posts – getting every single individual to agree on any one thing is stupendously impossible. When things do manage to come together, and people of varying backgrounds and beliefs begin to utilize a service for a variety of purposes – it can be a wonderously beautiful thing to behold. Take, for example, the efforts of the folks that post on a daily basis over at The Wild Hunt. It can be argued that its not really much of a service, but I would tend to disagree. Its not an all-encompassing service, but TWH does provide a service of information sharing. I would not go as far as to call them the Reuters or Associated Press of the Pagan community, but they certainly do keep people aware of issues, discussion, content, and information that is of interest to folks within and without that “Big Tent of Paganism.” And while the discussions in the comments that are attached to the articles can sometimes stoop to the level of an uncontrolled saloon brawl, an additional service is provided as a place where material presented can be discussed and explored in greater depth.

And TWH is only one example. There is the Pagan channel over at Patheos, where a growing number of bloggers (including the aforementioned John Beckett among many others) post their perspectives on a wide range of topics. There’s PaganSpace, an online community where people can meet, chat and have fun with one another. There’s the Pagan Pride Day initiatives, that span across the globe in a wide range of local communities – providing a face-to-face environment where Seekers can meet with Pagans from all parts of that “Big Tent of Paganism”. And a whole host of others that I am not going to try and cram into this post… Each provides a distinct perspective to the wider Pagan Community. Each serves a particular function, and provides a unique voice in the ocean of voices that contribute to the ground-swell of the Pagan community’s overall identity.

Thus, I was a little taken aback by the following statement that I stumbled across on FaceBook from The Pagan Newswire Collective:

We have an announcement of some sad news everyone: the technical difficulties that have plagued the site finally overcame my ability to fix them a few weeks ago and myself and the other volunteers helping to keep the PNC online have decided that we’re going to wind down our operations.

I’ll be helping to keep those blogs and bureaus that want to continue to produce content going during the transition so this doesn’t necessarily mean that the blogs and bureaus that you’ve been able to access here are going to completely disappear, only that the super-feed from the main PNC site is going to go away.

Thanks for your many years of support and I’ll continue to keep you informed during the changes regarding new sites that come online.

I already know that a few of the authors from the No Unsacred Places blog are going to continue writing over at the Patheos Pagan channel, so if you don’t already “like” and follow that site, now is probably a good time to do so!

– Dashifen

Its understandable that this is happening. As I mentioned before, its a matter of available time. I am not saying that there needs to be people jumping and demanding to fill the aspects of keeping this collective alive. I respect the decision that they have made – and the decisions of those groups that are choosing to stay active. if your decision is to jump up and place yourself into that realm of keeping a vision such as this one (or any of the other platforms I have mentioned – or even starting your own) – I say more power and respect to you from this corner. All I ask is that you have more than just the momentary heart to jump forward. Have the belief and understand that you are stepping forward into the spotlight – and be prepared for the amount of time you will need to provide into making that vision work.

This is a struggle that I have gone through every single year that I have been podcasting. There are little hiatuses all throughout the time that I have been putting out From the Edge of the Circle, and now Upon a Pagan Path. That’s where Life gets in the way – and my available time runs short because of other priorities that unexpectedly arise. After all, we podcasters, bloggers, and informational clearinghouse owners, producers, writing and vocal “talent” – we have our own family issues to deal with. We all have jobs outside of these things we slavishly put time and effort into. So I do comprehend very well what it means when there is not time to put into something because there are Life changes that happen.

Money is one thing – its a driver that moves certain parts of a vision forward. But its only one thing. The more important factors are belief and time. Believing in what you are doing is key towards driving you forward to making your vision happen. The harder factor is time. Without that, everything else makes you feel like you are rowing and going nowhere. The world runs on time…a truly man-made concept. Perhaps, if we just added more hours to the day… Or perhaps, we need to remind ourselves that no matter what we believe, there is a limit to what we can physically accomplish at any one given time…which means we need patience. And who has time to wait, in this hurry-hurry world?  My answer?  I do….

One thought on “Who Has Time to Wait? I Do…

  1. I do too. At our recent Ostara ritual we had a friend who I met on the book of face come to take part with us. Our ritual, which my temple sister Tish and I wrote together, had elements of ADF Druidry worked into it. One of those elements was the taking of an omen after our offerings had been made to the Kindred. I interpreted the rune we pulled as a bit of wisdom passed on to all that were gathered there and long story short it basically said, fools rush in. In other words, take your time and decide if the path you are on is right for you.

    So earlier this morning this same friend was lamenting our upcoming Beltane ritual which is only open to inner court (initiated) members of our temple. She didn’t know if she was ready and she still had questions and decisions to be made. I told her, remember the omen. There will be other rituals which are open to all. We have an open meeting April 20th then Litha in June is also open. There will be another opportunity to initiate come Samhain and yet another next Beltane and so on. There is no need to rush. Take your time, meditate and wait until you feel in your spirit that the path you embark on is right for you.

    Anyway, back to the topic of your post. Yes, we have time to work on the greater community and bridge building which needs to be done too. Better to take the time while it’s available and do the job right than to rush it.


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