Do As I Say…

Had an interesting (at least it seemed to be to the person asking – a blood relative) question posed to me.  Apparently there’s a been a lot in the air on various religious-oriented sites about the “true origins” of religion.  So, she asked me what my two cents were on the topic.  Apparently, she was asking because she felt that my answer would fall along the lines that *my* religious beliefs of Druidry would be upheld as the “beginnings” from my point of view.  The heavy silence on the other side of the Skype connection told me everything I needed to know about her reaction to my answer – she wasn’t expecting it.

My answer?  I told her I could care less one way or the other.  I’m not so entangled with the idea of trying to figure out what religion does or doesn’t look like for other people — whether that be the past, present or future.  I’m concerned more with how my own beliefs are working for me – in trying to attain my own desired position within my own system of belief.  Where am I wanting to be?  In better harmony with my environment.  Yes, that includes people – even those who don’t have or share anything similar to me in terms of politics or religion.  In a way, its a selfish perspective to take – my concern is where *I* am, not where others have been, currently are, or will/could be.  Why?  Because the only person that I can truly influence to any certain degree is myself.  I make the conscious choice of where I am going, what I accept as right or wrong, and what I will reject out of hand.  I can’t – and won’t – make those choices for other people.

Yes, my blood relative had an issue with my stance — which I respected to a degree.  After all, it is *her* perception.  I can’t control what she considers to be of importance or non-importance.  Nor will I project my own understanding of importance or non-importance on to her — even if she is doing just that *to me* or anybody else.  On the podcast I talk about how things affect me on my daily walk — and some of that resonates with other folks.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  And believe me – I HEAR ABOUT IT from the listeners.  And that’s a good thing in my book.  I don’t want anyone to accept what I am or what I believe or who I am just because I say it.  Just because something works great for me doesn’t automatically mean that it will work for anyone else.  Everyone has their own personally defined and understood concepts of religious belief for themselves…who am I to say what’s right or wrong about that – except as it would apply *for me*??

Trying to understand the origins of religious belief — in my perspective — is just not a particular bend that I am willing to follow through on my own trail.  It works for her…and its something that she’s hardcore about trying to figure out — more power to her.  In fact, I encouraged her to continue following that trail to see where it might lead her into the future.  But her indignant attitude had me wondering why she would be upset with me when I didn’t show any interest in it whatsoever??  Its a question I still ponder at this point and time…

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