About the Blog

I started writing blog posts quite a while back. I am not even sure when I started. However it was over on another platform. After about six months there, I moved over to WordPress, where I have been ever since. The idea of Life With Trickster Gods is to create a space where I discuss my personal Spirituality, as well as my current Path through three grades of the Order of Ovates, Bards and Druids.

Writing Style

Previously, I wrote using an off-the-cuff methodology, where I wrote over the course of the same day that I published. My editing skills were minimal and edits to posts were simply non-existent. Shadow has stepped in to assume the role of editor, but that still took place only after I published. So edits were continually made. Plus, editing was focused on the many grammatical errors that I make (and I make tons of them when I am rushed). So a new effort has started, where I post a touch less frequently and spend some time going through the material for continuity and coherence. Right now (25 September 2020), this process is only in its infancy, but I hope that it makes the blog posts a little easier to read and understand.

Blog Schedule

The previous schedule for the blog was a frequency of three posts per week. One on Tuesday, Thursday, and then sometime over the weekend. However, in changing the writing style and wanting to focus on edits, I felt that it might be better to reduce the weekly output by one post, that being the removal of the Thursday post. However, a request was made by one blog reader for me to add back my poetry as material for the blog, and the Thursday post was reborn in that vein. So the posting schedule remains Tuesday, Thursday, and sometime over the weekend. Of course, the weekend posts would be where I post much longer content, so there may be more than one post over the weekend depending on the length of what I write.

Hopefully you enjoy the blog and I am always open to topic requests which can be emailed to elfster@gmail.com.

–T /|\