Under the Same Cloak of Stars

I care not what pigmentation your skin, hair or eyes are
Your political and religious points of view do not matter either
Your songs to the sun, moon,  and wind are different from my own
Despite these differences, in the end, we are all brothers and sisters
All here with our animal brothers and sisters
Living each cycle of the sun in our own way
Together under the same cloak of stars
—Robyn Birchleaf, 12/26/2011

3 thoughts on “Under the Same Cloak of Stars

  1. Thank you! I'm actually coming back to writing more poetry….over the last two years, I've written a total of five. This was the first step back…and there will be plenty more to come. In fact, I'm on thoughts of starting a second blog here – specifically for the poetry side of things, but I'm slightly torn on that.Hope everything's going well for you – and that you have an awesome NYE tonight! *hugs*


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