Skipping Stones Across the Sands of Time

Skipping Stones Across the Sands of Time
By Robyn Birchleaf
Written 9/8/94, 19:00
Upon the Paths of thirty-two
I walk where few will dare
Every darkened corner retains
Creatures of my wildest imaginations
Queen of Wands, Queen of Cups
Understand the Punishment
Comprehend the Knowledge
Friends left far behind
Have changed without you
Now only distant memories
You can never go home again
Four of Swords, Judgement
Within Fire is Mercy
The pain of Experience
Yields a lifetime of lessons
Unknown to your reason
Shaping, molding your destiny
Into something you barely know
The Hanged Man, Nine of Cups
Within Life there are Crossroads
Soon you will understand
“Why did I choose this Path?”
“Skipping Stones” is one of my older pieces of poetry, which I recently “re-discovered” in a digital file archive on one of my older systems.  I remember the time frame in which I wrote this – I was contemplating a change-over in my Spiritual Life from that of Wicca to just a Pagan path.  In writing this, I utilized a deck of tarot cards, along with the Rider-Waite text for interpretation.  While I may not have ascribed the exact meaning to the cards – I did take some of my understanding of how the card was answering my question from the symbology represented in the art work.
To bring this back to a truer perspective, I don’t normally work with Tarot…if at all.  Its not a medium that I particularly find useful in my own practice.  Here, I was attempting to utilize it as a writing aide…as an aside…Robyn Birchleaf is my pen-name for my earlier writings.  Fellow travelers from the Renaissance BBS back during this time frame (and even a bit earlier than that) will easily recognize the name – especially if they came to the Poetry forum located there.

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