Ready to Start It All Again

Each morning the sun greets me with His soft mellow hues
Peeking down on the world below, full of wonder and mystery
Watching as the birds flitter through the light blue skies
The color of a set of robin’s eggs, resting gently in a twigged-out home

Sitting on the back porch, watching in dumb-struck awe
I watch the world awaken from its night-long slumber
While another part of the same world gets ready to pack away
For another day full of dream-filled slumber, until the Moon comes back

A cup of coffee in one hand
A plate with cheese-filled blintzes in the other
My day begins anew with a feeling that anything is possible
Provide enough physical effort connected with awe, and amazement

Some days start with sunlight
Others may start with rain or the occasional snow
Driving me back into the shelter of my kitchen
To stare at the world from behind the panes of glass

Each day provides my new start – fresh steps upon my Path
And every afternoon gives me a chance to change
Adjust my goals with the realities of the unfolding day
To achieve what is possible, and set aside what cannot be

By evening my day will be completed, and what is completed will be
I look back on the opportunities I had and exalt over what’s done
And try not to lament on what has not achieved that end
Remembering, tomorrow is the start of another set of steps

And finally, I find my pillow to toddle off to my own worlds
My own lands of enchantment, where my mysteries come to Life
Where I hear the laughter of those I’ve never met
And bask in the presence of those who have already slipped beyond

…and just before the dawn, I awake a-new – ready to start it all again


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