Comfortable in My Skin

About a week ago (maybe two or even three weeks ago – not totally sure and really too lazy to go back and try to find the post), I made a comment that I was not all that enamored with Halloween.  Actually it was a comment about a comment I had made to my neighbor…but that’s really picking at the nits…

But its true.  Halloween, Samhain, whatever the fsck you want to call it…is not my favorite time period or holiday or whatever…  I’m just not overly enamored with the outward aspect of this particular time of year.  Its really nothing to do with the religious observance of the period – in fact, its my favorite time frame for meditations and personal reflection.  I just don’t care for the holiday side of things.  While I love the uber-cuteness of the younger kids in their trick-or-treat outfits…I’m just not overly crazy about the constant doorbell ringing or the knocks on the door.  I tend to go find other things to do — typically a movie of some sort, followed on by a late dinner somewhere.  Once I get home…I usually shut off all the downstairs lights, shut off the porch light, and head to bed to read – doing my best to ignore the continued knocks and doorbell rings.  Its just not something I care much for…

Now, I’ve heard some folks talk about “taking back” Samhain and restoring some of the Celtic practices that are associated with the time frame.  Bully for those folks.  That’s so not me.  I have no need to “take back” any kind of an observance or worry about how John Q. Public views what I believe.  As long as I am left to worship the Gods as I see fit, I have no problem with how people view me.  However, curtail me from believing in what I want…you had better watch out.  I’m “ok” with what I believe.  I’m “ok” with how I practice my beliefs.  I’m “ok” with how anyone else choose to handle their belief (or non-belief as the case may be).  I’m also “ok” if someone agrees or disagrees with the way I practice my beliefs.  And for the record, my second least favorite time of year is Beltane.

My favorite time of the year?  Summer Solstice.  Its typically warm outside…I get to take long walks and get far closer to the Kami than I do at any other time.  My second favorite?  Winter Solstice…and while it is colder…its one of the time periods where the outside tends to be quiet and provides me with the solitude I crave after being indoors for long periods of time.

So does it make me a weird Pagan for not liking Beltane or Samhain that much?  If it does – don’t worry too much.  It doesn’t bother me…I’m comfortable in my skin.

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