What Makes Me "Me"….

A few years back, someone asked me what makes “me” a Pagan?  I know the question was meant to illicite a potential definition of what a “Pagan” truly is.  Instead, me response was that I enjoyed being outdoors, hugged my fair share of trees, spent much of my time as an observer of the Nature around me, believe completely in the Kami of the Land, and believe in the reality of the Gods.  For me, all of that fits me into the moniker, or label of Pagan.

What about ritual?  What about spellwork?  What about the theology of it?  How do these fit into your life?  Ritual is an area that I work with as I find necessary.  My biggest ritual is getting up in the morning, making a cup of coffee, and watching the sun rise.  My second biggest ritual takes all day – I live my daily life.  I’m mindful that spellwork is useful, but its not an area I deal with often.  My “spellwork” falls more into the area of empathy – and where I mouth a few prayers to those who have need of it or have asked for it.  As for the theology – I let the people who are priests and priestess or who have decided to walk that area of life debate all of that.  I get my theology from the world around me.  I have no desire to call things “sins” or to seek some holy connection through those people.  Nor do I feel any need to define my idea of Paganism beyond myself.

…and thus, I find much of what is being stated around on various forums and locations concerning what is or is not “Pagan” to be completely silly.  This post is about as far as I will bother getting into that non-sensical debate.  As for the issue that seemingly started it all – Star Foster’s statement that she no longer embraces the moniker of Paganism.  More power to her.  Its her choice as to what label she wants to be called.  I’ll keep calling her Star though.  Her desire to eschew a label concerning her own private beliefs doesn’t bother me.  So long as she doesn’t start stating that every Pagan must die or follow her belief system – then we’d have a problem — but that hasn’t happened.  And speculating into that area is only borrowing trouble where there currently is none.

I’m me.  No one else can be who I am.  No one else can fill the space in the ‘verse that I currently occupy.  Define me however you want – I’ll most likely nod my head, smile and move along.  I’m doing quite well defining myself.  I don’t really need the assistance…but you’re free to offer it as you like, just as I’m free to not utilize it.  Its really that simple folks…

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