The Moment Defines the Moment….

Well, the iMac is back…and running better than ever.  It turns out that the logic board was the primary culprit in the machine.  As a precaution, Apple also chose to replace the LCD screen, and the graphics card as well.  So, essentially, the iMac is a completely new creature – with all the previously noted replacements, the new hard drive from Apple the week prior, and my addition of 16gb of RAM.  Currently, I’m testing out the audio recording features – but have not had any of the previous issues that I’ve had (knock on wood).  So, if everything works out – I will begin recording the overdue episode over the next two days, which will get a podcast episode out by Wednesday.  However, most likely, no one’s even noticed that the schedule is slightly off kilter.  LOL


Life keeps moving on at its normal pace around here.  I get up and try to greet each sunrise before class.  Some days, it just doesn’t happen – typically its because I overslept and have less than fifteen minutes to make it to class.  Thank the Gods I only live three miles from campus.  🙂  But every evening, I’ve been home to watch the sun drop below the western horizon, as our giant rock continues its wobbly spin in space.  My little daily rituals of greeting and bidding the sun a short farewell have become bookends for my day.  While everything in-between may not be a known-known…its those two little touches that bring me back to placing my life into a measure of focus.

There’s not a whole lot to my rituals.  There’s no need for elaborate setups – at least not in my world.  Every single day is a ritual, a time frame to commune with the Gods — and my “church” is everywhere.  Outside while walking.  Sitting in my home drinking a cup of coffee and listening to “The Oasis” HD radio.  Driving to and from campus.  My classroom.  And in each setting, I can rest assured that the Gods are there.  But then – I’m also only one individual.  I still know the Gods are there.

I’m likely to never be into the “theology” of Paganism – I’m more worried about experiencing life in all of its little intricacies.  So, what kind of Pagan does that make me?  Frankly, I have no idea – and don’t really care much to find out.  I know I’m me.  And that’s what counts the most – that I follow my own heart.  In a way, I view my “religious” experiences as something closer to free-form jazz.  Its the moment that defines the moment.  And those moments make the day when combined together.

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