Favorite Myth/Legend

During my trip to Carlsbad – the group of us sat in the lunchroom area of the cave and dined on some truly atrocious food.  Two small “ham and cheese” sandwiches, a plastic tub of potato salad, and a bottle of water.  Not the greatest fare in the world – but when you’re in an area where food cannot be brought in, the line for the elevator is 45-minutes long, and the walk out is well over an hour and up several MASSIVE switchbacks….you eat what’s available.  LOL

Sitting here, drinking my morning cup of coffee and eating the last of my Girl Scot Peanut-Butter cookies – my mind wanders to a conversation that took place at the table.  It was innocent enough.  We joked about how we expected some small, google-eyed creature to pop out from some of the shadowy hiding-holes and scream out “Where is our precious?”.  That devolved into a conversation of the myth of the Mountain King.  This in turn moved around to the question of “what is your favorite myth or legend?”

King Arthur was mentioned.  As was Jason and the Golden Fleece.  Mine was Robin Hood.  I’ve always been intrigued by the legend, and have several books concerning it adorning my bookshelves.  There are thematics throughout the story that I truly do love – highborn Lord becomes outlaw and leader of low-born men, whom he considers to be his equals – the chivalrous romance between Robin and his Lady Fair, Marion – the ideal of seeking freedom and equality from an oppressive overlord and the battle to get that freedom.  But the most appealing aspect was the ability to live within the forest…taking only what was necessary to survive, and finding a way to live harmoniously with the environment.  Sadly, that’s mostly impossible in this day and age.  But its the primary reason I love the entire legend.

There are a lot of other myths and legends that I adore as well…mostly Greek…but this particular legend always holds a special place in my heart.

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