Personal Musings on Native American Culture and History

Sometimes I find it hard to understand how History has such a sway on my life. I can completely grasp how the history of computers and the internet is something that I am drawn towards. One does not spend twenty-plus years of life in the Information Technology fields without having a deep appreciation of where the technology has come from. I can also understand the hard draw that Roman History has for me – after all, having grown up in Europe for a good deal of my life, its a very deeply ingrained area that deeply touches all the future historiographical aspects of that region of the world. But its my sheer fascination and draw to the American Indian culture that leaves me scratching my head.

Recently, I have been clearing my lone bookshelf down here in my “office”. For those who do not know, my “office” is currently a corner of the living room – the one common area that had the floor space for me to take. When I return from my Summer vacation, I will be moving back into my old office, complete with two more full-sized bookshelves. In the meantime, I “make due” with a mere six shelves. Most of the material located there were books concerned with Networks, Active Directory, Server Administration, and Desktop Support. Part of a single shelf had books concerned with Computer History – but that was my lone gesture towards an understanding of History. Now that I am gravitating towards a History degree, my book shelves are in the process of transformation. Quite a few books on World History, Historiography, and Roman History have begun to find their way from a used bookstore near me to my shelves here. And while they are far from being filled – I still consider them to be empty.

I am not entirely sure of just when I started to find myself on the same wheel as the Native American culture – only that I have been here for quite some time. And while I have read a bit on the mythology aspect, I have not really looked deeply into the historical side of things. Honestly, I would count myself as being nearly as ignorant as most United States citizens over the historical aspects of the Native American culture. I know I have so much more to learn – that there is a very wide expanse of history within their culture, a History rich with tradition, respect for Nature, and understanding of the environment around us – all aspects I strive towards within my spiritual path.

Definitely a thought and area to explore far deeper….