Free Skies

It only takes a few moments to complete
To set aside your electronic devices
To turn off the television sets
And leave your cell phones on your desk

Step outside the doors to your homes
In the dark of the evening night
Under a sky filled with the stars
All within the fences of your own yard

Stop speaking, don’t whisper, stand still
Surely, a car will drive by in a whoosh
But ignore that momentary intrusion
And drink in the sounds of the night

Yes, you can hear the train’s horn
Singing a lonely song in the distance
And the jet aircraft far overhead
But there’s more that you are missing

The birds settling down into their nightly routine
Chattering their idle talk in a nearby tree
The bark of the dogs in the neighborhood
Announcing where an intrusion is taking place

And once all that calms down and slides away
The quiet of your suburban neighborhood
Still contains the whispering soundtrack
Songs of the night that you don’t hear while you sleep

Once you catch the quiet rhythm of the Night
Look up above and marvel at the Sky
The twinkling, shining stars struggling to be seen
Through the manufactured light of Mankind

Now, do the same – but head out into the areas beyond
Outside of the concrete and steel cities
Stand in an open field or out in a forested area
Look up and see – the skies are the same

Clearer for the lack of man’s attempt to tame the Night
The evening and night sounds a little sharper
Stare upwards into the stars, listen to the sounds
And marvel at the feeling of those Free Skies

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