The Gleaming Moments

Looking over the lineage of our lives
Peering over the scattered wreckage
Of friends long since passed
Relationships detonated, decayed and past
Peering through the detritus that remains
Are the gleaming moments we remember

A drink shared with our friends
Thanksgiving dinner offered to “orphans of distance”
Birthdays celebrated at Taco Bell
The movies we all sought momentary refuge in
And the secrets of our ribald moments
Those gleaming moments we remember

A suicide here, a car wreck there
Cancer striking another, a friend dying overseas
Passing away silently in sleep
There are so many ways to count the ways they leave
And even more ways that they touch our lives
In those gleaming moments sometimes dimly remembered

3 thoughts on “The Gleaming Moments

  1. Thanks Troy – I wrote this while reading Peter Coyote’s “Sleeping Where I Fall”. I was extremely impressed and moved by the way he remembers all the people who have come and gone in his life. He shows how the spirit of connectedness in a wide-ranging movement such as the Free Family is important – and the beautiful way he treats the memory of those who were and those who still are in his life is a very moving thing to read. Its really allowed me to look back on my own relationships, and how things have changed — and not changed — within my own life.


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