Its the Same, But Different (Hopefully)

One of those things that I have managed to understand over time is that not everyone gets into the same thing. The class I am currently taking on State Government has provided a few examples of just that. A few times during class, one student or another has stood up and been extremely passionate over a particular topic. Which is great – I love seeing and hearing people getting passionate about a particular topic, especially in the college classroom environment. However, on each of those occasions, I have watched as those students have gone from being excited about their topic to being angry when other students do not share the same enthusiasm or drive over the topic.

Its an interesting phenomenon to watch. In fact, I remember doing the exact same thing in my life — up until somewhat recently. And when I mean recently…up until about six or seven years back — maybe a little further, maybe a little less. Everyone tells me that your memory is the second thing to go when you get older…I forget what the first one is. Anyways. I used to get really into a lather over the issues that I deemed to be important, and would attempt to discuss these with friends. There was one friend in particular whose opinion was very different from my own – and the two of us would just argue and argue over those differences. In fact, looking back, I realize that the majority of our friendship was built on arguing about those differences (mostly political, some religious). Over the past seven years, we’ve slowly stopped talking with one another…and I believe most of that has to do with a slight change in attitude on my part.

I started to realize – back about five to seven years ago – that not everyone is going to catch my point of view. And when they do, they may not see the issue or topic in the same sense of importance or urgency as I do. In fact, I would hope to never – EVER – find a person who has the exact same sense of outrage, understanding, urgency or alarm over every single topic that I do. If I find that person — I’ve found my clone, and I need to kill it. I don’t want a carbon-copy of me, not even among my friends. I do enjoy talking to people who are of a similar mindset to my own, but talking to someone that believes EXACTLY the same as yourself…well, where’s the fun in that? And how am I learning by simply getting the same viewpoint over and over? Besides, a perfect clone of mine would be a scary – and quite frankly a boring thing.

But then…its just a thought…

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