Crow, Coyote and My Ultimate Trick…

Somewhere down the line – I was called by two particular Gods:  Crow and Coyote.  Yeah.  Native American Gods.  Looking back in the family history — there’s Cherokee blood in there…but its only a single individual, several generations back.  At the time, I thought it was a really odd calling…and still see the “oddness” of it all.  I was far more focused on the Celtic aspects of Paganism at the time.  Having a LOT of Germanic blood in the family lineage…it made more sense at that time (and logically still does today).  And while I focused and worked with the Celtic Gods and Goddesses…I never felt that “grip” that everyone talks about – that moment where you feel that hand of guidance on you.  Not once.  Not from the Celts.

About two years ago, I made a decision about my career.  As most of you know, I teach technology-oriented classes at the Freshman and Sophmore levels of college.  I’ve been in Information Technology for a little more than twenty-four years.  All three of my degrees are focused on Information Technology.  And yet, I found myself to be drawn towards the idea of teaching the Historical aspects of the computing world.  So, I drew a few conclusions off of that – and removed myself from a Doctorate degree focused on Information Technology – and started trying to find an aim in History.

This led me down a path of looking into Native American studies – where I “discovered” a desire to learn more about the religious aspects.  During a particular meditation, I had Crow literally shoved into my face…where the emphasis I was focusing on was Celtic in nature.  The next morning meditation — I found myself confronted with both Crow and Coyote.  The rest was just a matter of working directly with these two Spirit Gods…

Now, I’m not an evangelist for Crow or Coyote.  Being called to these two Gods has not been an easy trail.  Trickster archetypes are not something I tend to work well with (thank you, Loki).  My Path with these two isn’t about getting people to know them – rather its a matter of me learning to work with them.  I’ve always held the belief that being called upon by any of the Gods isn’t about stepping forward to do deeds in their names – but using their focus to make me into a better Pagan, and a better person.  So far, working with Tricksters has been intensely trying, at times.

Patience.  Humor.  A love for being outdoors.  Each has been a focus that’s been brought about by both of these Gods.  As Crowded House states in their lyrics for Something So Strong — “Something so strong, could carry us away.  Something so strong, could carry us today.”  But above all, I have been pushed and prodded to step out of the shadowy area of life…and get out into my respective community.  And each step has been slow for me — there’s a lot of reasons the podcast was named “From the Edge of the Circle”.  I am extremely resistant to the idea of being placed in the light or in a leadership role…and these two Tricksters continue to push me forward…literally shoving me out into the open.  And so I follow (somewhat grudgingly) 

the direction I am being pushed…


I’m not a Priest of any sort — It was made VERY apparent to me that this is not my role to fulfill.  But my role is to be out in the open, to step up…  Who am I to tell those two ‘nuh-uh”?  LOL  I’m smarter than that — I just need to establish where on the prairie grasses my feet are supposed to tread…THAT will — be the ultimate trick…so to speak…

One thought on “Crow, Coyote and My Ultimate Trick…

  1. I know the feeling! I too have been dragged into the public light kicking and screaming but know better than to tell a Goddess no when she makes very clear to me what is expected of me not once but twice. I figure I might as well accept it and enjoy the ride. It’s good to know I am not on it alone though. I’ve had the occasion to make many good friends and meet brothers and sisters who are also on their own paths with good stories and wisdom to share.


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