REVIEW — A Druid’s Tale – Cat Treadwell

REVIEW — A Druid’s TaleCat Treadwell

Its really difficult to sit back and just give this book five stars. But since that’s the only choice I have for a top-score (on GoodReads)…I’ll have to settle with that.

Before I start on how Cat’s book was for me – I find it a little necessary to elaborate on who I am (trust me, this figures into part of how the book was for me). At this moment, I am on the path of Druidry myself – in the Bardic Grade lessons for the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). I have been on a Pagan path for nearly thirty years of my own life – and I share some similar background to what Cat shares in terms of personal Life. Thus, this book really spoke to who I am, as well as what I believe. Cat’s style of writing comes across as a pleasant, warm conversation shared between you (the reader) and her while sitting at a campfire in the middle of the night. At least that’s my impression of it. Sharing cups of hot chocolate and talking about how Druidry has impacted and addressed aspects of our lives. There are questions at the end of each section that Cat seems to be asking of the reader. I took the opportunity to set the book down from time to time and answer these questions in my own personal journal. I wrote until I felt that I had answered the question. Sometimes it was a couple of lines, and for others it took a few paragraphs. Its not a requirement for reading the book – but Cat does state in the very beginning that the book is intended to be digested in smaller chunks, rather than read straight through.

Perhaps the most interesting part in reading the book, I found a perspective that mirrors my own. Rituals, spellwork, robes, staves, wands, crystals, etc etc…all are nice items to have in one’s toolset…but in the end, its about embracing your beliefs and living them. Respect for others, accentuating the positive aspects of the day, and embracing the fact that Life isn’t always that ray of sunshine you hope for. The key isn’t all the aspects of a toolkit as I mentioned previously – its about the relationships one has with others, with the environment, and with yourself. Cat discusses how she approaches all of this (and more) — and I honestly wish I had read her book long before I had started down the path of Druidry. Not because it would have warded me off the Path – because it would not have. However, I would have had a much different approach in the beginnings. I can’t change how I started down the Path, but I can apply a lot of what I read in a more meaningful walk down the Path for me.

Do I recommend this book to someone investigating the path of Druidry? Wholeheartedly, YES! The book, along with the questions contained within each section, will provide a lot of self-answers for people, in my opinion. More so, I would also recommend that you read her excellent blog – the Catbox – as well. ( Located at: ) You will find a witty, charming individual who is not only willing to talk about how she has and continues to walk her Path, but also is willing to talk with you about yours. When you have finished the book, you will literally feel like it would be the most natural thing in the world to just flop down next to her on a grassy hill on a Summer afternoon – and talk, talk, talk. (grin) And in my opinion, its that particular feeling that makes this book a cherished item in my own collection. Get it. Give it a try. See if you feel the same way when you’re finished.

–Tommy /|\

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