I Wanna Be a Paradox!!

I read a lot of books.  Or I should say, I read a lot more than I used to.  I read on a huge variety of topics – ranging from History of the First Nations to Computer Sciences to Druidry to biographies of people I find interesting.  Needless to say, its rare for me not to have a book somewhere on my person or somewhere near me.

One of the things that I have found, is that I typically eschew works that are mostly theology or what I refer to as the “theory of religion [x]”.  I prefer works that speak to the experiential side of things.  I would say an easier way to relay this is that I have zero interest in theological concepts.  Here’s the weird part:  I actually have a theory on the ‘why’ of it all.

Yeah.  The guy taking a big shat on the concept of what is essentially religious theory – has a theory on why he does not like theories.  I love being a paradox.  🙂

Essentially, I believe what I believe in.  I believe in the Gods and Goddesses.  I believe in the Spirits of the Land.  And I have experienced both over the past few years.  I know, I know.  Some folks out there are going ‘yeah right’ – and that is perfectly a-ok with me.  I am not asking anyone to believe as I do.  But my theory (trying to keep myself on track here) is that I want to keep my beliefs in a state of mystery – so to speak.

There is an old Information Technology support joke that runs along these lines:  an individual says their computer is not running.  You walk them through the process to see if the electricity is connected to the machine, until it becomes obvious that there’s something really wrong with the computer’s ability to complete its necessary circuit for life.

Customer:  So what do you think is wrong?

Technician:  Did you open the case?

Customer:  Yes.

Technician:  You let the magic smoke out of the box!  It will never work again!

When it comes to my own perspective on my beliefs, I just do not care to spend my time trying to figure out the philosophy, anthropology, sociology or any other -ology of my beliefs.  In a way, I feel that this is similar to letting the “magic smoke” out of the container.  I have people call me “woefully ignorant” because of my stance.  But that’s all right for me — I truly believe that, at least in my case, ignorance really is bliss.

2 thoughts on “I Wanna Be a Paradox!!

  1. I respect that approach, but I Want To Know! And when I can’t know, I want to speculate and form hypotheses and if I can’t test them, at least compare them to other people’s ideas. Since getting serious about my Pagan practice I’ve come to understand that experiencing is more important than knowing… but I still want to know.


    1. …and that’s part of the “scientist/engineer” that you are. Completely understandable….and its what makes you uniquely “you” (hint: I’m blogging about this concept tomorrow)


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