Uniquely You…

The past few blog posts have been thoughts that have been brewing in my brain Image(What?  It is morning and I have coffee on my mind) for a little while.  This one, however, has not had the same brew-time.  A post or two back, I was talking about the concept of Synchronicity.  This particular mind-belch follows along the same lines – in that its something I have made several statements on over the past week-plus.  In fact, I alluded to it in that previous post – being Uniquely You.

I have friends from a wide variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and points of view.  I am lucky enough to know John Beckett and Troy Young face-to-face (sorry guys – gonna pick on you for a minute here).  Both follow a Path of Druidry.  And while I share similarities of my own travels on the Path of Druidry with them, each approaches their beliefs from perspectives that are not similar to my own.

Sometimes those differences can be maddening and frustrating.  Typically, I find that it devolves into an issue of word choice or the turn of a simple phrase.  On the other hand, getting the chance to converse with both of these folks (and they are not the only two – there are literally dozens of dozens that I could not even begin to point out) provides me with a refreshing perspective that I may not have considered.

Then there is a friend of mine that I have known for a little more than a decade.  This person’s focus is completely political in nature.  Tirades against President Obama are not uncommon to be heard.  I am far closer to the center of the spectrum, with considerable influence from the Libertarian perspective.  Where this person is extremely active in the political scene (local, state, national) – I have a very weak interest in the entire concept.  We disagree quite frequently, but our “discussions” always provide me with another way to see an issue.  Honestly, the discussions typically start out as differences of opinion, and will devolve into this individual trying to push me into a debate or an argument.  Since I do not do debate or argument – I typically make my point, spend my next two statements clarifying my position, and then drop out of the debate/argument altogether – our “conversations” can be frustrating for both of us.

That is just a few examples – these people, I consider to be my friends.  We agree on some things, and disagree on others.  What I cherish about them is that they are their own unique individuals.  There is no one else like them.  Others may have similarities, but these folks are who they are.  They will change their positions on issues over time.  They will change the type of clothing they were.  The type of car they drive.  Their hair-style.  In the end, they are who they are.  I have no desire to change them – opinions or otherwise.  If they change, they will change because they want to.  And when they do, they will continue to be their own unique individual.

I do not make friends with people because they have similar opinions or viewpoints to my own.  I make those RELATIONSHIPS because I enjoy being around them.  I enjoy their company.  I cherish who they are as individuals – even when it does not match my own.

Remember, I was talking about the synchronicity aspect?  Over the past week…two weeks…I have made comments to various people about my desire to see them just be who they are.  And that is really the one area I love to watch in my friends – seeing them grow into the individuals that they are.  And that is really the only piece of advice I have for anyone – just be yourself.  No one wants…scratch that….No one should want you to be anyone else…just you.  Anyone that wants you to be someone that you are not – is not respecting who you are as an individual, in my opinion.

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