Interconnectedness: Our Relationships Become Our Karma

I do not link to YouTube videos in this blog that much.  Typically I leave that for my Facebook account.  But for this particular blog post – I have to…so please indulge me and watch this 90 second clip from the movie Phenomenon….

Now, I’m not going to spoil the movie for you – except to say that the movie is about relationships…  And I think its this one area that may actually make us a better species.  Now, I am not going to claim to know all the answers.  Shit, that would be damn stupid of me.  I am not even sure I know even one of the QUESTIONS, much less a single answer.  However, I think we may be looking in the wrong places for the answers we need.

When we look for answers – we look at things, at concepts.  Sometimes, we catch a glimpse of what we think might be a better answer – just out of the corner of our eye – and switch focus to that area.  In a way, its like looking at a photograph.  When you see a photograph, or even a painting – your eye is drawn to the objects that are depicted.  A horse, a barn, a building, the mountains, the sun.  Our perception of the edges of the painting or picture is not nearly as clearly in focus, until we change our attention to that area.  When we do, the objects we were looking at lose focus.  To borrow some bad comparisons – the painting or photograph is our understanding of the world around us.  Our focus flits from object to object, until we notice the edges of our environment.  Then we focus there.  Then we notice the colors of the painting/photograph – we focus there, but only on the colors – not on the objects that draw their essence from those colors.  When we step back and try to take in the whole picture, the sharpness of our attention becomes blurred, as we try to take everything in – we focus on nothing – and the sharp, concise perception of our objects changes.

In between all of that are relationships.  In the video clip, Travolta’s character mentions a grove of Aspen trees that were found to be an interconnected singular entity.  We are all connected, as the character notes before all the people present demand answers to their own smaller perceptions of their environment.  All of those folks are focused on the smaller objects in the overall picture.  Travolta’s character is trying to show everyone that there is a relationship between the objects that helps us to understand connectivity that they have never considered before.  In my opinion, his character has achieved an area where the focus on the objects, and even the picture itself no longer matters.  He has managed to find the threads of connectivity that lie beneath the patterns we perceive.

In my opinion, this is not some “Circle of Life bullshit”…its a reality.  Just one that we do not perceive, because we are busy focusing on the smaller objects within the picture.  What we do to others in our environment – otherwise known as “Earth” – we do to ourselves.  We cut down acres and acres of rainforest – we decrease the capability of the planet to control the atmosphere we breathe.  We inject waste waters from gas-drilling into the earth, and we make the Earth’s crust where we live unstable and in many other cases uninhabitable.  We discuss the desire to “punish the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons” by lobbing rockets into their territory to tip the balance of a civil war towards a faction of individuals that we do not know or understand that well.  The political instability we help foster through such action could destabilize an already unstable world oil market , which will have extreme marked effects in large world economies such as the European Union and China – and that does not even add in the economic aspect that it would cause for the United States as well.

Over the past few weeks, I have had the chance to read quite a few books that have given me pause on my own Spiritual Path.  It occurred to me that my Path is very Pagan, very Shamanic, and very Solitaire in nature. There’s nothing wrong with any of that.  But it has provided me with a better perspective of where I am on my Path, in relation to everything else.  I have focused on the objects in the painting that is my own personal Spirituality.  Now my focus is on seeing and understanding the relationships that exist underneath all of that – and I will definitely take bets that my work on that continues from here to the day I pass beyond the veil.

Perhaps, even one day in my current lifetime, we as a people on this planet will come to understand we are all one.  We share the same biological aspects, the same chemical makeup.  Our differences come from regional living – nothing more complicated than that.  We step far enough back in our history, and we will find common lineage.  Perhaps then, we can find a way to settle the majority of our differences – let us face the fact that as human beings we never will agree on everything – and remove the violence we inflict upon one another over religious-, racial-, and even gender-related issues.  Perhaps we can come to the realization that we are all interconnected – and what we do to others, and even our environment – will reflect back upon us.  Or to put it in simpler terms – karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?



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