Rocks in My Head

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i am huge fan of the element of Earth.  I love the way that dirt and sand feel between my toes.  I take almost any chance to go barefoot that I can – provided that the Texas heat has not microwaved the pavement into something that can damage my feet.  An unfortunate side-effect to being a diabetic is the fact that I must always be careful of what I do to my bare feet.  Thus, I do not always get the chance to go barefoot as much as I would prefer.

Every vacation I have been on, I bring back rocks and stones.  Some of the larger ones help to form the stone circle I have in Image my backyard.  Smaller ones, such as the two pictured here underneath my iMac, become what I call focus stones.  These two are a little too large to spend time in my pocket while I am out and about – but I have plenty of smaller ones that do spend time occupying my pockets.

I have heard this practice called “The Gratitude Stone” – where the rock in the pocket is to remind the carrier to be grateful.  For me, its a little different.  I carry my rocks as a centering focus.  The rocks serve as a direct link back to the element of Earth, where I can sink in my roots during my center and grounding exercise.  When I need a reminder of where my focal center is located – I just have to put my hand into my pocket and let my fingers brush against its surface.  That simple physical reminder is typically enough for me to relocate my center and achieve the balance that my evil little Libra heart so desires.  (grin)

The pocket Focus Stone is not the most difficult thing in the world to obtain.  The one I currently carry in my pocket came from my Summer trip earlier this year.  On the trip to the Medicine Wheel in the Medicine Bow mountains, I stopped to meditate while at the circle.  Once I achieved my desired moment of balance and reverence, I looked down and found a single rock, barely the size of my palm.  I picked it up, and placed it in my pocket.  I have carried it with my every day since then.  I have other stones that I have placed my own energies into.  I meditate with my rocks around me.  Sometimes I hold them during meditations.  Sometimes, they sit in various locations in my office.  Some people decorate with gemstones…I like my rocks.


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