My Battle Cry: Just Write!

This is one of my favorite times of the year to go walking outdoors.  The temperatures are typically somewhere between 60F and 80F throughout the day.  Occasionally, there are bout of rain – but not enough to drive me indoors for days on end.  And the environment begins to prepare for the change from Summer to Winter.  For most people, its the beauty of the changing colors of the leaves – but for me, its an obvious and apparent turn of the Wheel.  Summer into Fall.  Another turn of the great circle that rules the seasons.  The reminder that another full turn has finally finished, and another new turn is about to begin.

For a lot of folks – this is the time frame that reminds them that All Hallow’s Eve has arrived.  They get overjoyed from the wearing of elaborate costumes or getting scared in the various Haunted Houses.  For many other folks, its the prospect of loading up on sweets and the such in a night of knocking door-to-door in their neighborhoods – or in neighborhoods that aren’t theirs.  Many Pagan folk cite this as their favorite time of year – and one of their favorite ritual/gathering moments of the year.  I’m not one of those folks though.

Yes, I’m the Grinch of All Hallow’s Eve.  Right up there with Beltane, this is not my favorite time of the year – at least not in the area of gathered rituals.  Nor for trick or treating.  I typically turn off my lights and read during the Halloween candy festival.  For me, there’s a different feeling to this time of the year.  One of internal reflection, new personal dedication, looking back on the past year, and looking forward to what the prospects of the upcoming turn of the Wheel may bring.  For me, this time of the year is one of looking inward.

For me, my internal reflection will come from a project that I started just before the end of October of last year.  I have never been very keen on keeping a journal of any sort.  Typically, I forget about the time to write, since I normally set aside those moments at the end of the day.  However, realizing that – I decided to choose a different route with my new journal.  I would write at any time during the day – particularly when the moment hit me.  And to further keep my journal closer to me – I decided not to use the traditional pen and paper option.  Instead, I have been keeping my journal electronically.  At the beginning of the cycle, it was done solely during the time frame that I was in front of the keyboard.  Then, after I obtained my iPad, I moved the entire project to this device only.  I carry the iPad with me everywhere – except places where its not particularly useful — such as the Pagan Pride Day event at the beginning of the month, and to my recent trip to the Texas State Fair.  Otherwise, the iPad is with me most of the time.

On Thursday evening, I will pull out my iPad, drag out my quarter stones, and create my world between worlds.  There, I will read through every single entry of the past year, reliving my own journey through the 447 entries (roughly 451 when I get to Thursday).  I’ll be taking the time to reread through the past year – remembering both good and bad times.  As well as my entries that are tied to my OBOD lessons (my tutor is about to hate me – when I send in about thirty-five lessons of commentary).  Some entries are only a few lines long – days where the world was a calm sea.  Other entries are several pages long.  But each entry is a moment that I felt the Spirit of Creativity (the Awen) speak in my ear that it was time to write SOMETHING — ANYTHING.  This is a mantra that I have been beating my students soundly about the head and shoulders with over Business Case Study Analyses.  They were getting completely hung up on the style of writing – and were missing the point of just writing.

I cannot take complete credit over this process, which I have quietly mentioned in many of my previous posts. The true credit goes to John Beckett, who had written a blog post quite a while back.  I’m too lazy to go look it up – preferring my time to sit here with my cup of coffee and listening to my Rush concert bootlegs.  In his post – or as I think about this, it might have actually been the talk he gave at the 2010 Pagan Pride Day (I said was lazy about this aspect) – he mentioned about the necessity of keeping a personal journal.  That really resonated with me back in 2010 – but life kept getting in the way of doing just what had been suggested.  But the suggestion stayed there – right on my shoulder.  Then early in Spring of 2012, I kept hearing my dream-crows (many of my visions involve messages delivered to me by crows) cawing the words – “just write” while showering me with Bic pens.  Look, I never said my dreams made perfect sense or looked great – just that they hold meaning for me (grins).  But – bringing this point out of my dreams and back here in full footing in this world – John’s point was a good one.  Keep a journal.  Write it in it as often as you feel you need to and as much as you are compelled to do so.  The point is to write – to awaken that creativity spot in your grey-meats – and get it down somewhere.  Electronically…as I started…or on paper, as I am starting to prepare to transition to.  The battle cry of “Just write!” applies – whether your choice of weapon is pen, pencil or keyboard…or if you don’t want to write – microphone.  You could even choose to keep a journal in memos you record on your phone (most of us have smartphones – and every smartphone has an audio recording feature).  Just remember to upload those memos to somewhere, so that your smartphone doesn’t overwrite your memos when it needs space.  Record your thoughts…and pick an appropriate time on the Wheel to review what you have chosen to ascribe to the currents of Memory.

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