First Steps “Upon a Pagan Path”….

In less than an hour, I will be conducting my first discussion with a guest for my new podcast “Upon a Pagan Path”.  That individual will be John Beckett, someone I am fortunate enough to know face-to-face as well. I think John brings a very interesting approach to Paganism as a part of one’s everyday Life, and as that is the primary focus of what “Upon a Pagan Path” is about – I considered this discussion to be a natural fit.

Despite the fact that I am quite comfortable talking with John – he is a very friendly individual and very easy to talk with – I am extremely nervous. Not once during the 7+ years of doing “From the Edge of the Circle” did I have an interview or discussion for the podcast’s episodes. Things were kept at a monologue perspective, since the podcast’s perspective was my sharing of my approach to Paganism. So this new approach to providing a platform for the voices of Paganism is a very radical step for me. It will be a challenge…I completely agree that it will.  I am looking forward to everything that challenge will offer. But I am still a bit nervous.  🙂  And from what I gather, nervousness is a good sign….

Tommy /|\

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