My Reading Habit…

Every year, I take the reading challenge over at  The past three years, I came nowhere near my goal of forty books and/or 15,000 pages.  This year, I made the goal a primary one – and am currently at 39 books for the year, and just a touch over 14,000 pages.  I am confident that I will reach both goals easily before the end of the year.  My reading habits are a bit eclectic…as noted by my current list of thirty-nine books:

1. The Information-Literate Historian (Presnell)
2. A Storm of Swords (Martin)
3. Going to the Sources (Brundage)
4. Modern Historiography (Bentley)
5. From Reliable Sources (Howell)
6. Druids (Hutton)
7. A Feast for Crows (Martin)
8. Historiography (Breisach)
9. Weaving the Web (Berners-Lee)
10. Ten Zen Seconds (Maisel)
11. Hood (Lawhead)
12. Wolf Moon (DeLint)
13. Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome (Berens)
14. Cyberhenge (Cowan)
15. The Path of Druidry (Billington)
16. Sleeping Where I Fall (Coyote)
17. Fire in the Head (Cowan)
18. Cloud Atlas (Mitchell)
19. Liars and Outliers (Schneier)
20. Going Postal (Pratchett)
21. Texas Government (Tannahill)
22. The Blackfeet (Ewers)
23. Chief Joseph (Moulton)
24. Someplace to Be Flying (DeLint)
25. Star Trek 4 (Blish)
26. Neither Wolf Nor Dog (Nerburn)
27. A Druid’s Tale (Treadwell)
28. Being a Pagan (Hopman)
29. Silicon Snake Oil (Stoll)
30. The Mount Haemus Lectures (OBOD)
31. The Enduring Democracy (Dautrich)
32. Coyote’s Council Fire (Cruden)
33. The Celtic Shaman (Matthews)
34. The Dragon Reborn (Jordan)
35. Caesar and Christ (Durant)
36. The Great Adventure of the Dirty Pair, Volume 1 (Takachiho)
37.Out of Their Minds (Shasha)
38.Facing the Darkness (Treadwell)
39. Mr. Lincoln’s Army (Catton)

To finish things off, I am alternating between two books – Asimov’s “Foundation” and “Contemporary Paganism” by Carol Barner-Barry. Fairly certain that Asimov will be the book that becomes number forty for the year.

That leads me to the books for 2014. I tend to meander through various titles…so I picked fifty titles for this list. There will be other titles that get added over the course of the year, so it might not be EXACTLY this list – but this is the base list I will be working from.

1. The World of the Druids (Aldhouse-Green)
2. Forward the Foundation (Asimov)
3. The Sacred Pipe (Black Elk)
4. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (Brown)
5. Primitive Mythology (Campbell)
6. Journeys of the Soul (Carr-Gomm)
7. Inside Cyber Warfare (Carr)
8. Glory Road (Catton)
9. Indian Legends From the Northern Rockies (Clark)
10. The Blue and the Grey (Commager)
11. The Ivory and the Horn (DeLint)
12. God is Red (Deloria)
13. Information Warfare and Security (Denning)
14. Wounded Knee II (Dewing)
15. Voices From Wah’Kon-Tah (Dodge)
16. Network Defense and Countermeasures (Easttom)
17. A History of the Southern Confederacy (Eaton)
18. Guide to Disaster Recovery (Erbschloe)
19. Hacking (Erickson)
20. The Golden Bough (Frazer)
21. The Voice Within the Wind (Greywind)
22. Blackfoot Lodge Tales (Grinnell)
23. High Availability (Hawkins)
24. The Fall of the Roman Empire (Heather)
25. Charles II (Hutton)
26. Managerial Guide for Handling Cyber-Terrorism and Information Warfare (Janczeski)
27. The Shadow Rising (Jordan)
28. Computer Forensics (Kruse)
29. Hackers (Levy)
30. Neither Wolf Nor Dog (Lewis)
31. Captain Sam Grant (Lewis)
32. Incident Response (Mandia)
33. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse (Matthiessen)
34. The Old North Trail (McClintock)
35. Where White Men Fear to Tread (Means)
36. The Gospel of Judas (Meyer)
37. The Provinces of the Roman Empire (Mommsen)
38. The Wolf at Twilight (Nerburn)
39. The Indians of Texas (Newcombe)
40. The American Indian (Nichols)
41. The Stakes of Power (Nichols)
42. In the Hands of the Great Spirit (Page)
43. The Gnostic Gospels (Pagels)
44. Security in Computing (Pfleeger)
45. Abraham Lincoln: The War Years Volume 1 (Sandburg)
46. The Digital Person (Solove)
47. Land of the Spotted Eagle (Standing Bear)
48. Disaster Recovery Planning (Toigo)
49. The Dream Machine (Waldrop)
50. The Once and Future King (White)

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