Life on Holiday Business Hours

So, we have all made it through the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States. Its an interesting time of the year… For some, its a period of being around family, playing touch football in the yard, making a ton of food, and of course the inevitable shopping madness. That works for a lot of folks…and makes so little difference to me.

Much like the endless drone of commercials I have heard on the television and the radio airwaves, I have also seen post after post on FaceBook and Google+, exhorting the need for people to not shop on Thursday or Friday. “Stay home!  Don’t participate in the commercialism of what should be a time of family! Don’t cave in to the commercial greed of corporate America!” Bah fucking phooey!

Let’s be a little realistic here. The “commercial greed” that takes place during this holiday season keeps many companies running across the course of the year. Companies that bring in enough profit to sack in will be able to cover leaner times at other times of the year, when shopping isn’t nearly as peak. That means people will still have jobs during those times. That means you don’t have to grip and groan about how terrible the Obama Administration is or isn’t doing its perceived job of keeping people employed. Is there some “corporate greed” that takes place?  Surely. But not at the high levels that a lot of people seem to claim. When it comes to companies, people seem to be into some sort of collective mindset that there is a “corporate conspiracy” to fleece the consumer at any moment – sort of a commercial Alex Jones moment. But that doesn’t make sense either – since fleecing a consumer to the point of being broke removes a potential customer. Without customers to purchase products – corporations don’t exist. Its a delicate balance that has to be achieved…and any individual studied in financial theory can tell you its not an easy game to be played.

On Friday, I ventured out into the commercial landscape – that dreaded moment of “Black Friday”. “Don’t go out during that time!  Too many people will be shopping! It will be madness in the aisles!” To be honest, it was much more crowded in Wal Mart just prior to a Dallas Cowboys game than it was on Friday. The only place I experienced any issues was in a haircut shop…which should not really be affected by this type of stuff.

Here’s the point ya’ll – instead of living my life cloistered from the world during particular periods of time – I decided to live my life normally. I did the same things this past week that I did the previous week – and the same things that I will do next week. I will do the same thing during the Christmas holidays, with the sole adjustment for the time frame where businesses will close for the Federal holiday aspects. If a corporation or business chose to stay open during that time, in order to attract customers – they may receive my business if they have what I need at that moment. If they don’t, then whatever I have need of will wait. Aside from that, there’s no need for me to change the way I live. I know that there are those that disagree with that – and that’s awesome. I am not about to tell those people how to live their own lives. All I am pointing out is that the same courtesy should be extended in the opposite direction.


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