[Just a Thought…] : Searching

Tonight, I was watching “We Are Marshall” on television, and during a commercial break there was one of those AMC peek-ins at all their syndicated shows. The announcer made a statement about searching for this or that – I cannot recall exactly what was said. However, it fired off a thought in my head:

Is that not what we are all doing? Going through our lives searching for something?

For a moment, I started to laugh to myself. What a silly notion. Not everyone is off on some gallant search or quest. Surely there are those who ARE searching for something. The meaning of Life. Power. Glory. Companionship. Knowledge. A way to communicate directly with their pets. Their deceased loved ones. To see inside someone else’s mind. The Holy Grail. The identities of the seven Jewish men that rule the world in secret. The true assassins of John F. Kennedy. You know – SOMETHING. Such a silly notion that people are searching for things. Its as if they are not content with what is going on in their lives.

But then I started to think a little deeper on the point. I know that I am on a search – at least in some sense of the word. I have a daily Path that I follow. I have no idea what the ultimate destination will be on that Path. Nor do I completely care. Its more about the experience of the journey than it is about whatever the final destination may hold for me or if there even is a final destination. I search for my experiences. Whether that be the people I met, the particular geography of the Path I walk, or whatever factor may come along — I seek the experience of living my Life in communion with the environment I am a part of. Well, communion may not be a good word. Probably a better way to put it would be a sympathetic rapport, but I’m starting to slice hairs here.

I’m not totally sure I am truly communicating my thought of the moment here….but I believe there is something truly interesting about seeing our lives as a series of searches – some complete, some incomplete….some with a definable resolution, some with no discernible end. In the end…its just a thought….


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