Changing My Environment

The daily news scene has essentially turned into an environment that I care less and less for. I watch and read the news to find out what has happened around the world. Now, I get that, but am also buried under an avalanche of political rhetoric in the stories as well. Pick a news site.  ANY news site. There’s political rhetoric inseminated in the story somewhere. Now, I can handle some commentary on a news story, but when its up and in your face…I am turned off to the story. And this is only one example of some of the stuff I hear/read/see. Facebook is smothered in political post after political post. People slamming President Obama for this, others slamming the Republican party for that….and sadly, I have participated in that too. Its so easy to get sucked into that schtako.

My meditation sessions consist of two different approaches. I tend to favor a Zen-like approach for most of my personal sessions – clearing my mind of all thought and trying my best to achieve a balanced moment of emptiness. I don’t always achieve this, but it works to get some relaxation into my body. My second method is to focus on a single topic, and turn it over and over in my mind and find all the angles on it. After a particularly bad morning, I sat down and started this particular style of meditation on why I was so frustrated. Yeah, pretty specific but vague topic.

It took some time, but I came to the realization that a lot of it had to do with what I was spending my time on. At that time, I was reading news stories nearly every single day, multiple times per day. So I curbed it back to twice per day – once in the morning, and once in the evening. And that’s when I started noticing how pissed off I was getting when I read the news.

I read about politicians dickering up on Capitol Hill over a HealthCare bill that’s already been passed into law. I read about people bitching and moaning about a HealthCare website not working correctly, when they don’t have the slightest idea about load-balancing and how web-sites can be easily swarmed into submission. I read about political parties sniping at one another through the media, while forgetting all about the people who elected them to the positions that they are in. I read about the deaths of military servicemen bound up in a “war” that should have been over a long time ago. I read about how corporations and governments continue to destroy our environment so that we can continue to consume natural resources to feed our unreal energy habit. I read and hear about a so-called war on Christmas and how Christians are outraged over this – instead of being geared towards helping others no matter what their faith or beliefs, as “Christ-like” individuals should.

Like feeds like. As above, so below. A feedback circuit carries the same current throughout.

I am so tired of reading and hearing about stuff. So I turned off my news feeds on my RSS reader – and have spent my time reading books and listening to music. Right now, for example, I am listening to The Doors album. “20th Century Fox” is currently piping through my speakers. I am drinking a cup of coffee, and when I get done with this post, I will head downstairs to eat a bowl of cereal.  Then I will head outside, and spend that time enjoying the outdoors. I am a lot less stressed going this route. I’ll check in on the news with NPR Radio on Sunday morning, and be satisfied with that. I’ll likely catch a news post here and there on G+ and FB – but I am going to attempt to change my environment to something a little more positive. As Tommy Lee Jones tells Harrison Ford at the end of the movie “The Fugitive” – “Good. I could use the rest.”

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