The TommyElf Experience: Sounds

I love cloudy days. And I really like rain. I know, there are those of you (out of the five folks who come here regularly) that are thinking I’ve lost my mind. A day filled with sunshine provides more chances for folks to get out and about. You can head down to the park, and enjoy the day while the sun’s rays warm your skin. Yeah. Totally agree. But without the rain, the lake levels go down, the plants start to shrivel and brown from a lack of water…the world just gets icky looking. I like rain.

One of my all-time favorite activities is to take a book and sit out on the porch when it rains. My neighbors think I am crazy (my covered porch is in the front of the house), but that makes no difference to me. And on days when the rain is coming from the west, I’ll open the windows to the backyard (which faces East) and sit under the window in the back of my office and read. And on days when its not raining, I play a CD I have called “Relaxing Sounds: Thunderstorms” and curl up near the speakers with my book. Not really sure where I got that CD – I think I may have purchased it a few years back at a Cracker Barrel Country Store in Colorado. Maybe. My memory gets kinda fuzzy when I start trying to apply purchase locations for CDs.

When I am not reading, my music player is typical on. Currently, I am listening to “YYZ” by Rush from their album “Moving Pictures”. I have a metric ton-plus of digital music. There are days when I don’t really hear the music, but its that noise in the background that helps me out. Kinda weird, I know.

When I go walking, I tend to take my phone with me. Not because I want to make phone calls or connect to Facebook or anything like that. Its because my phone is also my mobile music player. On my iPhone, I tend to have somewhere around thirty to forty podcast episodes, and my earbuds are always crammed into a pocket somewhere. When I go walking or I ride the local mass transit to downtown Dallas, I always have my earbuds in. Except when I forget my iPhone, which I did for one walk. Instead of music, I listened to the birds serenade me through my walk. It was a really awesome experience. Enough so, that whenever I choose to walk a wooded trail now, I leave out the earbuds and let my environment provide the soundtrack.

I started out this post, thinking I was going to write about how I liked cloudy days – and I have moved over to talking about sounds. And to be honest, I have no idea how I got here. Nor do I really care. This isn’t a post about me moralizing to the reader on some point. Its just a rambling, somewhat aimless walk through what’s at the forefront of my mind. And at the moment, its sound. Not really expecting anyone to get any profound meaning from this post…but maybe you can spend a few moments of time focusing on a singular sensation…and write about it.

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