What I Want For Christmas/Yule

Never was huge on the entire Christmas/Yule concept. I do understand how it is a great time when you are a kid. Gifts/presents from some bearded dude who lives way up north and likes kids. And you always got the neatest stuff too. And sometimes there clothes mixed in, but still there was always that one present that just ROCKED!

Now I’m a lot older, and the entire concept of Saint Nick has been crushed by the

Christmas Tree 2013

Christmas Tree 2013

confession of my parents that he was them. That’s ok though. I still get gifts from them – though its a little different now. They have no idea what I like, so it tends to come in the form of a gift card or cash. Always a nice thing to have. But there are other things I wish I could have as a gift. Here’s my top five…

5. An end to the inequality for the LGBT community. Ok, its a little pie in the sky, but so are the other four choices. Its my wish for my Christmas gifts, so I decided to choose things that can bring joy to many others. And honestly, its time that we – as a worldwide community started to treat everyone equally. I know its not the easiest thing in the world to achieve – but this is my dream, ok?  🙂  And it dove-tails nicely with….

4. An end to racial discrimination and inequality.   And….

3. Gender equality throughout the world.  Ok, I get that these three will take a long, long time. But I sometimes dream of a world where these three things no longer are an issue. I look around the world, and I see a lot of issues between folks on these types of things. If we honestly would stop looking at human beings as black, white, latino, asian, gay, lesbian, transgender, bi-sexual, tri-sexual, a-sexual, male, female, neuter…and started to see them as human beings, perhaps we could wind up with a much more peaceful world.

2. A world where religious belief no longer becomes a scarlet letter on a person’s life. Here again, we have an issue where people tend to separate themselves out into the “right” belief versus the “wrong” belief. Religious belief is the manner in which a person chooses to interact with their environment around them. So long as your religious belief does not advocate violence against non-believers of that faith, there should not be a problem with practicing it openly. Yes, this means that many fundamentalist beliefs would need to change and adapt their core beliefs to something a little more palatable. Not the easiest thing in the world to be done, but I can dream – right?

1. A world where human beings are a part of their natural environment. This brings along the perspective that mankind is a part of the environment, instead of the environment being a resource that was placed here for mankind’s use and abuse. Of the five items on my list, this is the one that can actually be done. It would require a massive undertaking in changing the way we view items such as fossil fuels, along with a major ton of research into viable alternative sources for renewable energy…but damnit, its just within reach. The hardest part will be getting people to start seeing Nature as something we are a PART of, rather than some resource that we dominate, control, and abuse. But here, I am optimistic that we can make that change. Not in the next five years, but definitely within the next ten to fifteen. It will require some education and forcing countries to take a very hard look at why the way they are currently using resources will have an effect not only on their environment, but the world’s environment. And honestly, I think the ongoing crisis with the Fukushima nuclear power plant is just the wakeup call that was needed.

Ok, so I dream a little big. But where’s the harm in that? I am realistic about what’s needed to even START the changes I would like to see. And I am also realistic about how long it would take the necessary changes to be effective in the world and society around me. I will likely not live long enough in this incarnation to see any of these dreams reach realization, but that’s the entire point. My dreams are not for my lifetime…they are for the generations that come after. I am well aware that my current generation will never realize the fruits of the labor towards these goals. Nor should we expect such results. But the fact that we will start the processes to better what we will eventually leave behind when we cross the veil…that should be motivation enough. It certainly is for me.

Regardless…whatever belief you have towards this year, I hope that this moment on the Turn of the Wheel brings you plenty of happiness, and perhaps even some time to reflect on where the Wheel has taken you over the past period of its single revolution – and perhaps even beyond that. Its never a bad thing to look back and see where things have gone – and where our journey has taken us to this point. Looking forward, I can appreciate where I have been, and how that will be the basis for where I am to go to. May you have the blessings of your God(s) during this time of our calendar year!

Solstice and Yuletide blessings!

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