New Blog Title…

As I have done with the podcast, I decided that a blog title change would be a little appropriate. “From Within the Circle” – as a title – seemed to aim towards a position of exclusiveness…at least in my mind. As I started to think about what this blog is about – my own musings on various topics I encounter while reading or exploring the inter-webs – I realized that a more appropriate name would be something that would bear a witness of sorts to my own journey through life. And thus, “Footsteps on My Path” became the title I felt was more suited to what I am trying to do here.

The goals I have for the blog, and therefore my writings, still has not changed. I am still writing from my own perspective, leaving the results here – in the hopes that it stimulates thought on the part of the reader. I have said it before, and I repeat it here….I’m not a Priest in any belief system. I have no desire to be a clergy member of any sort. I have no answers for anyone other than myself. I am not seeking debate or argument over anything – I find that to be useless and wasted time. I do have plenty of time for discussion, and plenty of time for comparison of how others follow their own Path through Life. In the end, those comments that are added here are the result of where those commenters and I are walking the same Path at that moment. Thus, each of the comments become footsteps here, just as each post I leave is a footstep that I have taken as well.

So, welcome to the newly renamed blog…take a few steps with me anytime you like.

–Tommy  /|\

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