Peering Through the Fog — a Perspective on the Gods

Foggy ForestNice foggy morning today. I get songs like “The Foggy Dew” stuck in my mind on mornings like this. I truly love the fog, the way it shrouds the landscape into a misty world of mystery. Much like snowy days, the world seems to sit still during a fog. Hardly a sound permeates the air – its almost as if the fog washes the polluted sounds from the environment, so things can be started again upon its finish. We do not get many foggy days here in Texas. Possibly the only remarkable thing that can be said for the state of Texas is the immense, stifling, triple-digit heat that shows up every year during the Summer months. So, when events like this happen, I tend to enjoy them as much as I can. This morning, I have spent a lot of time staring out the window, watching my backyard squirrels coming down from the tree for the remnants of the cornbread that was made for dinner three days ago. In my opinion, its a better usage than just pitching it down the garbage disposal or into the trash can.

But anyways, back to the idea of fog and shrouded mystery….a lot of people love the idea of mystery belief systems. The concept does not really excite or create revulsion in me. Every single day, I find out something new about the world around me some small detail or concept I had never considered before. Or, on occasion, I wind up with a God, Goddess or (more likely) a Spirit of the Land that visits for a short time. I hear a lot about how the Gods are likely not that interested in the lives of humans – simply because they have an existence that we cannot fathom. I agree that their existence is something I cannot completely comprehend. After all, I am not a God…I’m just me.  I understand my own existence in a corporeal body. My spiritual existence is something that I will likely puzzle out for the rest of my time in this bodily incarnation. But (before I start getting sidetracked again), I do believe that the Gods take an interest in our lives – whether we believe in them or not, or worship them or not.

I am certainly not talking about the way that the Greek Gods have been portrayed in some movies – where the Gods look to be gathered around a sand-table moving clay figures around to make changes in the lives of mortals on a whim. While I certainly do believe that the Gods can have an effect on our lives, we still have the Free Will to choose our own direction in our Life. The Gods take an interest in our lives, because like us – they are curious about everything in their environment. And while we may not be able to prove their existence under Science – as we currently understand Science – they are a part of this same environment. Thus, since we inhabit this environment together, they get curious about us…and sometimes, we fascinate them enough for many, continued visits – such as my ongoing relationships with Coyote and Crow.

Now, I’m no fool. I know that there are many different ways to look at the idea of the Gods, how they manifest in our lives, and how we perceive their existence. Let’s be realistic here – every single individual is geared towards their environment based on their own personal experiences, coupled with how they process those experiences. Some people can see a manifestation of a God or Goddess in their lives – and deal with it rationally. Others might not be able to do so. Thus, everyone has a different way of describing – or perhaps even denying – the existence of the Gods, Goddesses and Spirits that are in our lives. So, I am not going to sit here and proclaim my understanding of the Gods and Goddesses as being any sort of “gospel” — other than for myself.

We all experience the foggy surroundings as individuals. Some of us peer through the gossamer shroud and see nothing but trees in the forest. Others, see the Spirits of the land, peeking out from behind the foliage. Regardless, of the experience, but are not only valid, but also have a beauty to them that is special to the person experiencing that moment. Just do not be surprised or offended when someone does not have an identical experience to your own…remember, we are all individuals.

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