A Few Random Thoughts Going Forward

I realize that it has been a short while since I have posted anything. Up until today, my daily routine has been completely filled with getting the classes I am teaching firmly into the routine that the students need – and getting myself organized and into the routine that I will need as a student (once again). It will certainly be an interesting balancing act between leading a classroom and being a student – however, I feel that I am up to the task and therefore have accepted that challenge. I know there are a few curveballs that are going to be thrown my way during all of this – and its just a matter of adapting.

At the moment, both podcasts are on a slight hold, as I adjust my routine to a new teaching and student schedule. But both should be back underway in the very near future. I do have an idea of melding the two together into a single show…but I am a little hesitant to do so at the moment. Its a very odd thought for me to hold, considering how I have wanted to handle the UaPP aspect. But I think there may be a way to balance both the idea of the Circle’s Edge with that of the interview mode for Upon a Pagan Path. It may mean far faster turnarounds for the podcast – but a more distant turn-around for the two show segments. Certainly, its something I will need to mull over in my mind for a bit longer. I have a few ideas for the blog here as well – including the idea of working with some writing prompts that I may come across on other blogging sites. While I try not to be held to a schedule, I figure to post sometime within a four day period, to keep material fresh here.


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