003 – A Conversation With Troy Young

UponPaganPathIn this episode, I have a lengthy conversation with Troy Young, one of the co-Chairs for DFW Pagan Pride Day. We discuss Pagan Pride Day 2013, as well as tackle many issues related to personal Spirituality. I do believe we talked about nearly every topic under the sun, except how to split the atom – and I believe if we had let the conversation continue, we might have done just that too!

DFW Pagan Pride Day’s web site is located at:  http://dfwpaganpride.org/

Our Pantheons Way’s web site is located at: http://ourpantheons.org/

The musical feature is ‘Alive!” by Omnia. Their music can be found at http://www.worldofomnia.com/. Please remember to support your independent Pagan musicians and BUY their music!!

Contact Information

Email: elfster@gmail.com

Google Voice-mail: (972) 514-7315

Skype: tommyelf22

Twitter: @t_elfster

Shownotes: http://onapaganpath.wordpress.com/

Direct Download link:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/paganpath/PaganPath-003-Feb2014.mp3

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