Stray Thoughts: On Magick…

Anyone who has known me for any length of time, knows about my aversion to using spell-work. Or as the remark was pointedly made to me – “you hate Magick”. Which is not correct. Magick is a daily part of my Life and my daily Path. Its spell-work that I find to be untoward. To be somewhat clear – spell-work, for me, is a manner of working with magick – utilizing it as a tool to achieve some desired goal. That might not be the definition that you may use, but its the one I am working from here.

Spellwork is a technique, but magick….well, magick is not a tool for me. Magick is something that occurs all around us, all the time. Its that feeling of awe, when you look up in the morning sky, and catch the first glimmers of the morning sun peeking over the distant horizon. Its that moment when you feel the embrace of your environment, feel its connection to you, and your connection to it. Its the feeling you get with certain pieces of music, the way the rhythm and the chords resonate with your body and mind, extract a whisper of a memory that embraces you in emotion. That moment of discovery, when you realize how something works or goes together or the way a theory presents even more avenues of thought to explore. When you lay back on the grass, look up into the trees, and realize that there’s a whole world up there that you never noticed before. magick is the awakening of the senses, and a widening of the perception of the world around you. For me, that’s the essence of what Magick is.

Its very difficult for me to see all of that as a “tool” – except that as I think upon it, its not that difficult to comprehend at all. At some point, human beings realized that rocks and sticks did a far better job as weapons than a man’s bare hands. Or that the same stick was a better application for creating a furrow in the ground for planting. And on and on and on. Its the creativity in determining how to utilize such applications that is the Magick for me.

I am not sure how anyone else defines the concept of Magick, only that I realize that whatever their definition is – it works for them. I know there will be plenty of people that disagree with me on the definition…or the application of the definition, and that’s perfectly fine with me. Nine Hells, if we were all the same, agreed on everything – this would be a really boring place, ya know??

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