Answers and Questions – Quote

To understand any question, to find the approximation of an answer, the question must be asked. In asking, you have already moved closer to an answer – the one shapes the other. Yet, as we have already observed, when you ask a question often all you get are more questions which spawn their own answer-questions. It can be frustrating, and it is often why folk give up on such things for they are too wedded to linear processes. They feel they are going round in circles when they want direction. Yet direction you have, albeit circuitous, for you do not go in circles. Rather, you work the rounds of a spiral. And the spiral slowly tightens and you eventually reach the point of it all.

The Voice Within the Wind, Greywind, p.33

One thought on “Answers and Questions – Quote

  1. Oh nice! I might have to read that book sometime. By the way, I have been reading Cat Treadwell’s book that you loaned me in the few quiet moments I get during the day in the control room at work. Excellent ideas for coping with life’s dark times. I hope to have it ready to return to you by the next PPD meeting then start working on the other one you loaned me.


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