005 – Goatman’s Bridge and Being a Priest

UponPaganPathIn this episode, I talk about my trip to the nearby Old Alton bridge here in Denton county, otherwise known as The Goatman’s Bridge. I also spend a little bit of time going over some changes I have had in my mind concerning the title of “Priest”. I also spend a bit of time talking about the upcoming changes to the podcast as well.  This episode’s music is from the lovely Kellianna and is her song “She Moved Through the Faire” from her album “Traditions”. Such awesome stuff!!  The Spoken Word segment is my rendition of “Spring Pools” by Robert Frost.

Kellianna’s music can be found at her website:  http://www.kellianna.com/ . As always, if you like the music you hear on the show, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy it from the artist, so that they may continue to provide us with such rich and wonderful sounds!

Contact Information

Email: elfster@gmail.com

Google Voice-mail: (972) 514-7315

Skype: tommyelf22

Twitter: @t_elfster

Shownotes: https://tommyelf22.wordpress.com/

Direct Download link:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/paganpath/PaganPath-005-May2014.mp3


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