A Cup of Tea To Drown the Drone of White Noise

RainSitting down to a nice hot cup of tea…Lemon Zinger if anyone MUST know. So, why tea at 1pm on a Thursday?  Because it calms me and lets me relax.  And after a morning of reading statement after statement and comment after comment relating to (your pick here):  a) Benghazi, b) The Tea Party “victory” in the Texas primaries, c) the motives of the shooter at UCSB, d) Congressional testimony on a myriad of subjects, and e) trying to decipher some the strangest loops of logic in any/all of those areas of conversation – I just need to sit down with a cup of tea and unwind.

While I used to think stuff like this was relegated mainly to the Facebook feed, its starting to bleed over into the Google-Plus arena as well – where I had thought the world was going to continue quietly along the lines of popping sedatives to survive. However, over the last week-plus, the chatter there has steadily grown. And to be honest, after a short while, all of this tuff running together begins to sound like a constant spectral density…you know, white noise.

I certainly am starting to hear the call of heading out into the tree covered walking paths near the Goatman’s Bridge….


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