And I wonder…

Lately, I have sat here, fumbling over topics to possibly write about. There’s tons of stuff in the news, that a lot of folks seem to want to discuss, debate and argue over. The situation between the Ukraine and Russia, Israel versus Hamas in the Gaza Strip, whatever seems to be the flavor of the moment up on Capitol Hill in DC. And to be completely honest, I cannot even bring myself to write about these topics. I am sure that there are plenty of ways to examine and analyze each one to bring about some topical corner to find myself on – but I just cannot relate to that degree with any of these issues. I have even found myself turning the television or radio off when the inevitable news story crops up. And I wind up sitting outside in the backyard, with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea in hand. And I wonder…

As I have noted before in many of my blog posts, I read a lot. Books, internet news articles, other blogs – and as odd as it may sound, I have read nothing but a continual and constant current of anger. People angry over how this blogger made that statement; people angry over how the government does not represent their political perspective; people angry with the people angry with the government for openly voicing a dissenting opinion against the President that they admire. Then there are governments fighting with one another, shooting rockets across unseen borders – lines drawn on a geographical map. Firing projectiles of various types and lethality over a difference of opinion of what is or is not the appropriate representation of God. I watch people on the social media platforms perform their own version of this open warfare against people that they no longer like – harsh words, insults that are veiled and those that are openly naked – words of aggression aimed at trying to tear apart an individual’s own feelings of worth.

And through all of that, I feel like I am standing in the middle of that maelstrom, all of it whipping past me towards the intended target(s). Some of it falling short, some of it off course to the left or right, or going too far. Some of it hitting the mark completely. And I continue to sit on the grass in my backyard. Watching as the crows, sparrows, blue jays, cardinals, and grackles all come to the small amount of bird-seed that I have placed out by the birdbath for them. Peacefully partaking in the food located there. I watch the squirrels cautiously approach the seeds as all, bringing themselves closer to get a little bit of food for themselves. Much like Omnia‘s song “I Don’t Speak Human” — I can’t speak any of their languages. But I can imagine that they are grateful for the food, and the clean drinking water I place out for them everyday. And I know they are oblivious to the seething anger I encounter in a different dimension of the world around me. And I wonder…

I know we can show compassion to one another – I see it in all the venues that I read. But it is buried in the stories of anger, hurt, and sorrow that accompanies the actions associated with the anger. During my time studying for Masters of Business Administration, I encountered the point that …”sex and violence sells.” I know that this is also a primary driver in the news that is reported in every venue. And I wonder…

I have watched people call for boycotts of commercial businesses for one reason or another. What if we – human beings – decided to boycott those emotions of anger?? What if we – human beings – learned ways to deal appropriately with one another? Found ways to help our fellow humans from suffering from violence and hunger. What if we – as humans – treated out environment with respect and reverence, regardless of our own individual Paths? Speaking of Paths, what if we treated one another’s beliefs as something that was appropriate for the individual, but not something to be forced upon the masses??

…and yet, when I have managed to bring these thoughts out into the open, I am typically met with scorn, derision, and amusement. What I dreamer I am! How deluded I have become! Perhaps, you have been ingesting chemicals you should not have? What an out-of-touch Hippie-type I am! And I wonder….

…what if the rest of the world bothered to take a moment and embrace those thoughts? Would it change anything?? I can wonder all I want to…but I am only one person in those thoughts. Perhaps I need another cup of tea….

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