Home Again…and Glad to Be…

It has been one really whirlwind weekend. Thursday and Friday, I drove a box-truck from Dallas to West Lafayette, Indiana via Memphis, Tennessee. Saturday and Sunday were spent driving back home from there – after spending nearly seven hours helping the former roomie assemble some Ikea furniture so he would have a place to sleep. I don’t mind helping people move…but I seriously am hurting this morning. At least home will be a far less stressful environment.

I have a few posts percolating in my brain at the moment…but those will have to wait a bit more until I get the cobwebs out of my head. The second part of the drive home was a marathon 18-hours on the road…and I know there are going to be some moments of sleep coming. In the meantime, I will tease you a bit with this picture of the Stonehenge replica at Missouri Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri.


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