Pagan Unity – a Slight Revisit

DFW Pagan Pride Day 2013

DFW Pagan Pride Day 2013

A few days ago, I noticed something changing in me. Or perhaps a change in the way I deal with certain parts of the world around me. Politics, Technology, the way I see thing settle into place in the world…a lot of things. I have no tolerance for the empty platitudes of politicians – with a Governor’s race coming up around the corner here in Texas, I find I have zero interest in any of the candidates. In fact, I am starting to see myself voting on one or two issues on an entire ballot, and abstaining from the governor’s race altogether. I have not really explored the “whys” of it all – there are certainly many other things on my to-do list that are far more productive and positive exercises for me. I guess the only explanation I have is that I have seen the pattern of the politicians – they talk a good talk at the elections, but after the vote is finished – they pop right back into their ruts of ignoring the electorate in favor of the lobbyists. I guess I just don’t want to feed that pattern any longer.

Its been interesting to be out of the classroom, where I was wrapped in the concepts of theory for some of the time. Theory is not a bad thing, but sometimes it bangs into reality – and there’s not many pieces to pick up after the accident occurs. But it has brought a lot of interesting questions to mind – and over the next week, I will be slowly re-visiting some of those that I have posted about previously.

Today’s topic is a little interesting to come back to – Pagan Unity. With Pagan Pride Day breathing down on us here in the local DFW area, its an interesting (at least to me) moment to stop and remember the event from the previous two times I attended. Last year’s event, I helped out with the Committee – and did whatever I could to help out. So my perspective was more from the inside then the outside. I did not attend any of the three rituals for the day – nor did I attend any of the workshops held. I helped out – the best that I could – in handled the area where chips and drinks were sold. Not an experience I relished – and one I hope not repeat this year. When I was working the Greeter’s Table, I did get to see a LOT of people I had not seen in quite some time. That was absolutely great! But I certainly did not get enough time to chit chat and clown around with them as well.  All that will change with this coming Pagan Pride Day event. I plan on being far more social – and I also will be carrying my hand-held recorder with me to record people’s feelings about the event. Another thing that I did not do at the previous event.

However, I did manage to watch a LOT of interactions amongst folks.  It was really great to see a lot of folks talking – about whatever. The smiles that people had on their faces over the entire event and meeting people.  Just fantastic energies to feed off of.  And I was so damn naive about all of that.  I know its a small tangent, but let me explain a bit.

Last year’s Pagan Pride event was one of the first I had experienced where people actually talked with other people. Previous public gatherings I had attended over the years, had essentially turned into major cliques claiming various geographic areas – and no one speaking to anyone outside of those groups. So, when I saw the exact opposite thing happening at last year’s event….I was agog over what was taking place. I was seeing the “theory” of Pagan Unity happening right before my eyes. Or was I?

In my idea of Pagan Unity, Pagans help one another – not because of what they believe, but because they CAN. But instead of seeing that happen after Pagan Pride Day, I saw more folks retreat back into cliquish modes. At first I was a bit disappointed. But then, after reading a book that discussed the modern-day Pow Wows that take place all over the mid-West – I saw some of the same stuff in those descriptions. In a sense, Pagan Pride Day events are not about vitalizing stronger connections between folks of dissimilar beliefs. Its more a gathering of the tribes – a place where people can talk freely, with no strings attached to what that connection is.  If it goes beyond that, that’s between the folks in question…

All of this has had me rethinking large pieces of what I see Pagan Unity as being. Its a social thing. We talk. We have a coffee, a soda, or a beer. We meet in various places to drum, dance, and blow off steam – to let the mundane world take a short-time backseat to our various perspectives of being a Pagan. We don’t have to make ties that connect our beliefs with others – that can happen, but its not necessary. We don’t even have to like the other Pagan that we have met – for whatever reason. We merely have to respect that they interact with their environment differently. We can come together on issues that we agree upon – our reactions and actions seeking solutions will be different – after all, we ARE different people.

This year’s Pagan Pride Day will be my last as a part of the Steering Committee. Its nothing that happened between myself and any other member of the Committee. I simply do not have the time year round to help out in any substantive way – other than running an ad or two on the podcast over the course of the year. I will still help out – and may possibly even have a booth with recording equipment next year. I think its a worthwhile event, and one I hope to see continue long into the future. I have other areas to focus on – my Druidry studies, my new job, the podcast, this blog….all of that takes time. Time, I barely have to myself as it is. But I am very proud to have helped out for two years…and I really think these folks are some really awesome individuals.

If you are sitting here wondering when the DFW Pagan Pride day is – and where:

DFW PPD, a free event, will be held Saturday, September 27th, 2014 from 9 AM til 5 PM at Arlington UU Church, 2001 California Ln. Arlington, TX 76015

You can find their website at : Check them out…be there!  Look for me!  I’ll be there somewhere too…recorder in hand!!

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