A Little Off Kilter – But Closer to Center….

Its been a little while since I wrote a post here.  Figured it would be a good idea to kick back in….  If you have been reading the blog, you know about all the changes that have taken place in my life over the last three weeks.  A new job, a parent passing beyond the veil….it definitely can put you off-balance.

However, I have learned to adapt to my new schedule – finding new times to get into my meditations and writing lessons. I’m still trying to figure out where I am going to get my walks in at – but that’s something to be added back to the routine in a short while. As for the passing of my parent – that will be a daily exercise of remembering, but another one I can adapt to.

But that leads me back to the blog and the podcast. Both have been fairly directionless as of late – something I need to find a manner of correction for.  No, I am not going to stop writing in the blog or putting out podcast episodes.  Instead, I am going to work a little harder on some topic-based posts – as well as scouting out more interview fodder for the podcast. (No Scott, I haven’t forgotten what we talked about previously)

Samhain is right around the corner – and many (including myself) consider this moment in the Turning of the Wheel to be the start of a new year. And there’s plenty of topics to tackle in that area — which I am going to try and do.  Much sooner on the calendar is DFW Pagan Pride Day — which is this weekend. There will be plenty of Pagans at the event, and many of them I will be trying to talk with on the hand-held recorder or the iPhone (depending on which one gives out in the battery department). The idea is to let folks have their own words out there on the podcast…after all, the whole idea of the podcast back at the start was it to be a gift back to my wider Pagan community. What better gift could there be than the community’s own voices??

So, the whole idea is to get some focus back into all of this…the blog will remain my voice…the podcast will remain the platform for the voices of others. And the whole point — to give you the chance to think and make up your own mind.  🙂


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