Continually Understanding “Me”

Well, with the mid-term elections over – all that’s left is to sweep up the confetti that the winners left behind, and try to console the losers over whatever bitterness they might be feeling. Personally, I’m glad the election cycle is over.  All the negative ads from both ends of the campaign trail can now get off the TV and radio…not that I watch much TV or listen to tons of radio these days. But I am not a fan of the negative, and expensive campaigning that coincides with an election – and all just to curry the votes of a handful of people that might have been swayed towards one choice or another. Personally, I think the time, money and effort could be spent more productively and wisely…just my pence worth there…toss it into whatever well you want…

Most of my time is spent driving to and from my job – 45 minutes one way. And while it is an interstate highway, I do get the chance to watch various aspects of Nature that I wouldn’t normally see in my suburban home. This evening, I happened to drive by, while a bunch of calves were getting their “dinner” from their mommy cows. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture – that’s hard to do when you are driving at 65mph with other drivers around you at various speeds – but it did bring a smile to my face. Just another reminder for me, that the Wheel turns into a new year, every single day. And I will get to watch these little calves continue to grow throughout the Winter as I drive back and forth to my job.

Do you know that Jack lives in the Green,
That things are never as they seem,
And life is more than the money that you earn.
—Damh the Bard, Pagan Ways

That one little song lyric is carrying so much meaning for me these days. While I do make my living as a Data Analyst now, my job is not the defining aspect of who and what I am. It took me a little while to realize that – and when I made the job switch from teaching to Data Analyst, it really sank in. Yes, I miss teaching, and while it is something that I truly loved doing – its not who I am. That was a ways to an end — a paycheck. Which allowed me to stay alive, fed, clothed, with a roof over my head. I am a capable teacher, but its not who I am. I’m a Pagan – its the part of me that lives every single day, experiences the world anew from every sunrise to bed-time. My job doesn’t define me. My connection to the world around me through my Paganism, and my Druidry studies – that is what makes me who I am. How I interact with the world around me is because of that framework.

…honestly, it took me long enough to figure that out. There’s still a lot more to experience…

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