Part Three: Two Halves Make a Whole…My First Circuit on Contemplative Druidry and Practical Druidry

As I sit here  drinking a cup of coffee and listening to the Rush album “Signals“, I am trying to figure out how to write this third part on my initial look into the two terms “Contemplative Druidry” and “Practical Druidry”. Its really hard to parse two concepts that you have just started looking at in a critical manner. Some of the concepts contained within each, I already know and have a good understanding of – just under different names. Other aspects…well, they are just as foreign as anyone could possibly make them for me. But that’s generally the mix of things with any critical study I’ve ever undertaken. Rarely do I find something that I understand completely, but just have different bits of terminology for. And even more rare is the time frame where I run across something that doesn’t correlate to anything I already understand to some degree. So, in essence I am right where I usually start.

I see aspects of both concepts in my daily practices at this time. As I listen to “Subdivisions” its occurring to me that taking what I understand and dividing it into pieces is precisely what this seems to be doing. In this manner, I can spend more time with each respective section doing what I manage best:  turning it over and over, examining each respective corner, testing it with pressure from my fingers, smelling the scents and odors that emanate from it – generally bringing all my senses into play. Or as a former High Priestess of mine used to say, “getting to know it intimately.”

I have read some folks online who have discussed this as a major dividing line between the types of Druids that are out there. That there is this manner of discerning the type of Druid one will be by which area one embraces the most. I just cannot see that. Yes, these are two very distinctive and different parts of Druidry practice, but taken apart from one another – its almost as if you have split one thing into two halves that really need one  another to operate correctly. A sort of Yin and Yang principle, if one can forgive the mixing of philosophies. Or as Merlin states in the movie “Excalibur“:  “Good and evil, there never is one without the other.” There is the balance…and between these two areas of Druidry, I can see a balance that is achievable.

It is interesting (at least to me), to note that I am now undertaking another area of study within Druidry.  I have the OBOD Bardic course that I have been trundling along for some time.  I am always backtracking my steps, and finding something I missed the first time through. I am also undertaking a Druidry course with Cat Treadwell, which has opened my eyes to so many news of seeing things – as well as enforcing so many other practices that I already have. And now, I find myself intrigued by the mystery of Practical Druidry and Contemplative Druidry. Lots of things to study, lots of things to practice, lots of areas to think and practice. Perhaps this is what is meant by “diving deep” into a topic. I am intrigued by where I will eventually come up for air.

I know that some may perceive this Part III as an ending.  But I am not closing the book, so to speak, on this topic. This is merely my first circuit around the topic. There’s a lot more walking, a lot more studying, a lot more tasting and testing, a lot more touching and feeling that is left to do. This little three part post is merely an acknowledgement and record of how I am starting down this Path of thought and study. Other will approach it from a different perspective and/or direction. As I am fond of saying:  “‘Natch!”  My shorthand in written and verbal communication for “Naturally”. Its only natural that others will approach this in a different manner or from a different perspective…we are all unique people.  We all see the world differently.  We all react to stimuli differently – even if our reactions can be classified as similar.  And that’s a thought for another time….

Yes, I spend a lot of time reading - even when I go to the beach

Yes, I spend a lot of time reading – even when I go to the beach  /|\

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