Life With a Trickster God – So I Wait…

My Backyard Stone Circle

My Backyard Stone Circle

Every day is different, interesting and somewhat entertaining when you have a Trickster God looking over your shoulder on a regular basis. Over the last two days:  a podcast episode that I uploaded (Episode 009:  A Chat With Joanna Van Der Hoeven) somehow got corrupted on the upload and crossed up with the previous episode that had been released in January, an MS-SQL trigger sequence that I had spent nearly three weeks configuring and crafting does absolutely nothing despite all the intricate testing I had done on each update, alter, and create parts, and when I arrive home – my television in my office won’t power on, even though it worked this morning before I left for work.

A quick check of the podcast file that I had on my desktop found that there was no corruption on the file here – re-uploading and re-publishing the episode proved to fix the problem. Deleting the MS-SQL trigger, copying the written code back to the server and attaching it to the database again got the trigger to run correctly, despite being the same steps I took on Friday morning when I uploaded it the first time. Unplugging my television from the power strip, going downstairs muttering under my breath about where the hammer was at, and returning to plug the television in again proved to fix the problem. Coincidence?  Possibly…

Being claimed by a Trickster God can try your patience, literally. Its one of the first lessons you learn…to endure the jokes, the quips, the trickery that takes place – and patiently wait for the lesson to unfold. Sometimes it takes a while – even weeks (in one case I have had). In the meantime, the strangest things happen, the weirdest moments take place, and the dumbest things in the world happen to you. Like the afternoon I spent with my t-shirt inside out — while shopping at the mall. Yeah. That.

But when the lessons come – and they do come – you find some of the most clandestine wisdom you can have set in front of you. And it might take you a short while before you even realize that the lesson is taking place, but when it occurs – you marvel at how simple, complete, and DEEP it all is. The simplistic look hides complex pattern after pattern and can make your mind race at speeds you never dreamed of.

Why do I have a Trickster God hanging over my shoulder? Its a good question. I have part of that answer — for me to provide the platform for others to speak. Crows are messengers…that’s my job.  And I know there’s more to all of this…but I have not been shown that just yet. But I can be patient…I’ve got the experience to show for that. So I wait…

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