Thinking Negatively About Positive Things

Starting to get a little quiet on my front here. Not really from a lack of something to say…I’ve always got an opinion on something. But more from a lack of something constructive to say. And to be completely realistic, this is something I struggle with on a nearly daily basis. Its really easy to write about something from a negative perspective. All you need to do is go back through my blog here, and you can find a handful of rants against this or that littered throughout the postings. The harder part is writing about things that come from a positive point of view.

Of course, than I get accused of farting rainbows and fairy dust. As if posting on positive topics automatically fills me with a gaseous need to expel multi-colored hues of refracted light or shoot sparkly, glittery formations into the air from my rear. I have honestly never understood the desire to shoot down someone else’s outlook on Life as something to be approached as an adventure, rather than another twenty-four hours locked in a stalag.

Sure, there’s plenty for me to lament in Life. The loss of both my mother and father over a six month period. How dealing with that has placed me on a literal “road warrior” status every weekend since Spring Break. How my adhesive capsulitis (read: frozen shoulder) condition in my left shoulder has worsened to the point where I want to cry when I go to sleep. But that’s only portion of my life…only a single part of my Daily Path. To focus solely here would be shutting out everything else.

Every morning, I get the chance to wake up looking into the rising sun – a reminder that each day is a unique moment in time. Perhaps I am lucky, I have a job that I enjoy doing – with a boss that I enjoy some level of discourse with. I work for a college that I really believe in, and the individual that is President is someone I would walk over hot coals for. So going into work is never a really bad thing for me. I am walking a Path that shows me every single day that there are new ways to see connections to the world around me.

Sure, Life could be worse. But its not. Yes, there are plenty of outside factors that can make things worse. Political issues here in the States, social issues and injustices that happen in many places around the world, potential economic strife and issues that could flare up at any moment. But I only have to remind myself of how little influence I have over these things – and that my focus is where I can work directly with my environment, where I can find connections with the Gods. In short, where my center is located.

Sure, maybe I am farting rainbows and riding a flying unicorn while emitting beams of White Light from my eyes into the world around me. But Ted, my flying unicorn, needs to get out every once in a while.


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