What Works Doesn’t Always Work….

Yes, I spend a lot of time reading - even when I go to the beach

Yes, I spend a lot of time reading – even when I go to the beach

Dreams, meditations, and music are the centerpieces of my spiritual experiences. I have talked at length about each one of these at one point or another in the blog. I have also talked about how structured ritual, spellwork, and magickal work play far lesser roles in my daily path. And at one point or another, I have been roundly criticized for placing these into far lesser roles within my own spiritual experience. Perhaps that’s simply because I dare to stick my head above the crowd and discuss that within the blog here. To be honest, I am not sure where or why that comes into play. And to be honest, speculating does no good either. But let’s be certain about one thing – I am no authority for anyone else but myself. I know what works for me in my own daily walk, I know what works for me in communing with the Gods I encounter on my Path, and I know that it works for me. I also know that some aspects of it MAY work for others. And most of what I talk about will certainly not work for another element of folks. And all of that is perfectly fine.

I have never been one for rules. How many times does the nut have to be turned to hold the engine housing on for a B-52? I’m not completely sure, but there were USAF regulations governing such concepts. I always figured that if the power tool I had couldn’t turn the damn nut, it was tight. However, even with my disdain for the rules, I know that there are rules you can bend, rules you can break, and rules you have to obey completely. The same holds true for computer programming. The same holds true for Life in general – and that includes individual Spirituality. But I also know that what rules can bend or break, and which rules cannot is different for each person. We ARE individuals, after all.

While I find it mildly interesting that some folks would feel some kind of need to reiterate to me what rules they feel are unmovable, I also note that I tend to thank these folks for their statements – and then continue on with my own Path. It may be improvisational for a large part of it — but it works for me. And I hold no patents or theories that my way is the only way.  Well, not for anyone else — just for me.

One thought on “What Works Doesn’t Always Work….

  1. Others’ criticism is part of what is making me concerned for the “future of Paganism”. The “rules” you are breaking in the eyes of those who demand structure are assumed (by the rule oriented) to apply to all. If that attitude prevails in the community, “Paganism” will end up just as hierarchical as so many other “mainstream religions”.


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