Leaving the Meat on the Bone

Its been almost two weeks since I wrote the last time in this blog. And its not been because I have not had the time. I have had plenty of time, and many open chances to do so. No, I have purposefully avoided writing in the blog, and turned my focus in a different way — towards doing instead of writing.

Part of that doing, has been looking at what is and is not important to me in my daily spiritual path. I am well aware that I am far more eclectic than many Pagans out there. Meditational workings are very important to me, as is personal observance of the world around me. I am very much an animist, and work with Spirits of Place (I actually prefer the japanese term ‘kami’ but I certainly believe that the terminology is not really as important as the concept) when I can get their acknowledgement of my existence. I also believe that the Gods and Goddesses are very real, and very present in our lives. But I also believe that they are not nearly as meddlesome as some might believe. I know that formal ritual plays an extremely minute role in my daily practice, just as I have come to realize that informal, spontaneous ritual means far more to me. Take all of that, roll into a ball, and cover the exterior with hundreds of rubber bands to hold it together – and you have a fair representation of a part of me. A part of me.

Spirituality is important, but its only a singular part of what makes a human being who and what they are. The trick, it seems is finding a balance between all those parts. Sort of like trying to balance three spinning plates on the end of a stick for each, while standing on one leg. And as such there is certainly far more to me than what I write here in the blog. Many of those parts of me are probably better experienced face to face – rather than via the internet. Its hard to describe how much the strategies of baseball and soccer affect my daily life…unless you understand what a fanatic I am (particularly where soccer is concerned).

Trust me, writing more to what I am is far more difficult than explaining what I am not. I believe it is far easier to compare and contrast against a backdrop of something else than it is to place your beliefs or perspective front and center and avoid making the comparisons. For instance, I could compare and contrast my perspective on working with the Earth, against the treatise that the Pope has made. But in doing so – I would highlight the Pope’s perspective rather than my own. Its far better to reach for my own perspective, than it is to reach for an opposing (or nearly similar) perspective.

No, I could easily slide into a compare/contrast perspective, but what would it accomplish? I don’t need to think for anyone else – it defeats the purpose of living a life full of curiosity, learning and imagination. To show someone where all the mysteries are – where all the answers can be found during your own exploration…that leaves very little meat on the bone for their search. Plus they love the exhilaration of discovery on their own…and I wouldn’t want to take that away from anyone.

Two pence…spend it how you wish, if at all…

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