Moving – The Hunt – Pagan Unity – East Coast Gathering

I started packing my office late this afternoon. For the past three weeks, I’ve essentially been living out of boxes in the first place. Decluttering the house so that it can sell. Packing things away. My garage looks like a cardboard labyrinth. I have been living here in this house since late 2007. I have slowly cultivated a relationship with the Crows, Blue Jays, Pigeons, and Squirrels that inhabit my backyard. There is also the feeling of “comfortable” and “home” that I feel when I walk into the house.

circleHow long will it take me to reach a centered feeling in my new home? How long before I can really reach out around me during a meditation and feel the familiar feelings of “home”? I am moving a significant distance (nearly fifty miles) – and into an area that is heavily associated with the Lipan Apache in regards to ancestral territories. I am somewhat familiar with First Nations mythology from this area – but the Spirits of Place up near the Oklahoma border are a lot different than those located down here in the rolling hills near Dallas. I have already encountered that with some of the Spirits of Place that are near the college’s campus.

Am I nervous about my move? Not really. Its another adventure, and the area I am moving into is an extremely quiet and sleepy town. I will be far enough in the country to be able to see the stars at night without light pollution. I am excited about being able to use my telescope. But I am a little nervous about how long it will be until I am comfortable with where I am going to be living. That, I know will take some time. I’m just curious to see what sort of new spiritual environment I am going to encounter – and a little nervous about connecting with it in some manner.

For those that have been reading over on Facebook – I have been approached in my dreams by the Green Man in several guises, reminding me that “the Hunt is coming, and she will lead it.” I have been a bit befuddled by the comment, particular since this happens in my dreams. Every night, I have eventually found myself in the woods. Every night, I have heard the sound of a hunting horn deep in the woods. Sometimes, I can make out the barking of dogs, sometimes I can’t. So I continue to remain as patient as I can – and not go into the woods trying to find the Hunt. And up to this point, I had thought it might be the Wild Hunt, but now I am not so sure. The Green Man has never called it the “Wild” Hunt…just merely the Hunt.


I went down to the Pagan Unity gathering in south Arlington today. Predictably, it was hot. Even more predictably, the parking SUCKED. This was the same location as last year’s Pagan Pride Day, so I knew what I was heading into before I got there. I arrived shortly before John Beckett’s very informative presentation on “Working With Fearsome Gods” (at least that’s I recall the title being – but it most likely is not correct. My memory is not that good with such details these days – particularly in the heat of the day). After his talk, I wandered the grounds for a bit – particularly in the wooded area, and enjoyed the wonderful stillness that the area provided, even in a somewhat loud gathering. I hung around until about 1pm, and then headed home. The traffic was not the best – which reminded me why I usually don’t go much further south than Lewisville for the most part. Metroplex driving is not one of my favorite activities whatsoever.


Shortly before I make my move to just south of the Oklahoma border – I will be taking a trip to the OBOD East Coast Gathering. I have no idea what to expect – I don’t want to say that it would be comparable to the wonderful OBOD Gulf Coast Gathering I went to earlier this year. There will be air travel involved…so I’m already not too thrilled. However, I am treating it as an adventure…and a chance to meet Damh the Bard, his wife Ceri, and Kristoffer Hughes — as well as see some of the folks I met at OBOD Gulf Coast Gathering. That alone, will be worth the trip….

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