The Huntsman’s Horn

During John Beckett‘s “Fearsome Gods” segment at the Pagan Unity event in southern Arlington, Texas – I kept getting a tug at certain segments of what he had to say. Not every God or Goddess has an obvious “fearsome” side to them. That kept finding its way to the forefront every time he spoke throughout. It wasn’t john saying these things – it was what had been coming to the surface each time he made a point that resonated with it. At the end of the segment, I could not shake that point.

Every God and Goddess has a very fearsome side to them. One that John pointed out was Brigid. A very nurturing Goddess figure – very mother-like. But I would submit, every harmed a mother’s child before? Have you ever encountered that anger before? Or even been protected by it? Or had it pulse through your veins? Most of the Gods and Goddesses I have worked with are very animal in nature. I KNOW they have fearsome sides to them, which can be exposed at any time. After the pollution of the Animas River a few months back, the Gods of the native cultures are feeling that anger again. Animas was just the tipping point, the sins of man are everywhere throughout the land. Mother Earth is sacred – to be treated as a partner in our daily life. For we are a part of Her.

Just a few days ago, Sarah Palin (yes, THAT nut job) made a statement that:

Oil and gas and minerals, those things that God has dumped on this part of the Earth for mankind’s use instead of us relying on unfriendly foreign nations.

This is not new stuff. Christianity, in some form or another, has preached how the mankind is to have dominion over all that is seen. That the Earth is to be used until the End Times arrive. I have also heard a few Christians talk about how the “grunge” of society (that’s us, folks!) need to be removed from civilized society. Watch the news. We have war in Syria that is flattening people’s homes and shattering their cities. The people that live there are so desperate to find safety that they leave their homes and take their families on risky treks to reach places that they see safety. Along the way, they have been treated as detritus, undesirables that we need not give aid to, so that they won’t stop here. In one train station, the law enforcement folks took to writing serial numbers on these people’s arms and wrists…

Glacier National ParkWe’ve seen times like this before. But there’s a difference. During the times of the Holocaust and World War II – the heads of the various movements could easily be identified. Here, in the middle of all of this, we have some political figures that can be identified, but there nebulous, almost faceless organizations that continue to push the agenda along — the Tea Party movement here in America, which goads on politicians and business organizations to bend to their will. We have another religious organization (try as the Tea Party movement does to claim its not religious – it is comprised mostly of right-wing Christians that want to instill their brand of theocracy on the citizenry) that enters into this fray – ISIS, or to perhaps better explain them – the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). This is a twisted form of the Islamic faith that utilizes violence to obtain its means and goals of a Sharia law. I don’t pretend to understand either of those movements to the core – and I won’t sit here and pretend I am an expert. But I understand evil when I see it – and both are definitely so. And both are a shadowy element where no leader can truly be discerned. In both cases, its a matter of mob rule.

My dreams have been filled with the sounds of the Hunt. Baying dogs, a harrowing, bone-chilling horn, and the notation that she will lead them. She. Gaia. Mother Nature. Our fearsome Gods and Goddesses are working towards placing things right. Our weather patterns are extremely out of sorts. Here in Texas, the weather is getting hot again — after a Spring that saw so much rainfall in a short period of time, that floods that we have never dreamed of occurred. I know I am not the only one hearing what is happening on the other side of the veil. I know I am not the only one that is shielding their eyes from a God or Goddess that we thought could only be a sweet, kind, innocent being.

I also know that I am not the only one locating my own armor, my own weapons, and preparing to step into the fray as well. Some of my Pagan friends have already done so. Protesting at fracking sites, protesting at construction sites – attempting to protect the land from those that wish to pilfer what they can from it, until the land has no manner of healing, except to remain bare while nutrient levels are balanced again. And why?  All in the name of profit and greed. All of it done because the corporations race to our television screens, our computer monitors, and our radio airwaves to blast commercial after commercial to us in a competition for our dollars. Dollars that could be spent better on our local farmers, our small business owners – all of whom live side by side with us in our local areas. All of whom are priced out of the competition by businesses with a lower dollar amount. And we as consumers, look for the bargain so that we can get better things. I am currently moving to a small town here in Texas – by design. I will be looking to support my local farmers and businesses with my consumer dollar.  My first weapon.

Many of us, as Pagans, look to our Gods and Goddesses in our need. We pray asking for their guidance or assistance. And like the Gods and Goddesses that they are – they step in where they believe it is necessary, offer advice when they believe it will make a difference… I take my heed of what they are doing now, preparing for the battle. I’m not sure what form the battle will take, but when my Gods and Goddesses ask, I will help the best I can. And I do believe they are starting to call…

2 thoughts on “The Huntsman’s Horn

  1. I have been feeling this too. Dont forget that the Syrian situation has roots in climate change. It didn’t cause it but it exacerbated existing human conditions. See you at East Coast Gathering!


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