Portable Music – Magickal Memories of the Past, Present and Future

Continuing in the vein of having some non-spiritual fun….

jazzWay long back, I had a listener (of the now defunct podcast “From the Edge of the Circle”) ask me what I had on my iPod. Well, these days, I don’t carry an iPod with me – though I still have my red iPod in a drawer somewhere. These days, I carry my audio stuff on my iPhone. And typically when I am walking through the neighborhood, I have the ear buds in, and something is playing.

In fact, there’s typically some kind of music or speaking stuff is playing out of speakers near me. Even at work, where I stream Pandora Radio from my iPhone on to my little red Bose Color Speaker. I find music to be rather soothing, although I will shut off my music to listen to the wind in the leaves of the trees or the sound of s stream rushing by. But that auditory sense is always something that I have to have going. Even when I am reading — though I am a little picky when it comes to that. It can’t have words. I guess I get confused between what I am reading and what I am hearing.

But back to what’s on my iPod….err….iPhone. Currently, I have the last four episodes of The Wigglian Way, the last two episodes of Down at the Crossroads, and the last four episodes of Druidcast….all of which I have yet to listen to (and thus the reason that they are on my iPhone). Then follows all the music…and there’s a lot of it….

  • Amaranthe — Massive Addictive (album), The Nexus (album), Amaranthe (album), and Leave Everything Behind (EP).
  • Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe – (self-titled album)
  • Chick Corea – Friends (album), The Mad Hatter (album), The Leprechaun (album), Return to Forever (album), Now He Sings, Now He Sobs (album), and Tone’s For Joan’s Bones (album)
  • Coyote Oldman — Compassion (album), and In Medicine River (album)
  • Craig Chaquico — Follow the Sun (album), Midnight Noon (album), Shadow and Light (album), Four Corners (album), A Thousand Pictures (album), Acoustic Planet (album), Once in a Blue Universe (album), and Acoustic Highway (album)
  • Craig Chaquico and Russ Freeman — From the Redwoods to the Rockies (album)
  • Damh the Bard — Sabbat (album), Antlered Crown and Standing Stone (album), As Nature Intended (album), Tales From the Crow Man (album), The Cauldron Born (album), The Hills They Are Hollow (album), Spirit of Albion (album), and Herne’s Apprentice (album)
  • Douglas Spotted Eagle — Closer to Far Away (album), and Legend of the Flute Boy (album)
  • Duane Deemer — Windhorse (album)
  • Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians — Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars
  • Eloy — Chronicles I (album), Metromania (album), Performance (album), Planets (album), Live! (album), and Ocean (album)
  • Emerald Rose — Archives of Ages to Come (album), Celtic Crescent (album), Rants & Rambles (album), Bending Tradition (album), and Emerald Rose (album)
  • Epica — This is the Time (EP)
  • Eric Johnson – Ah Via Musicom (album)
  • Fiona Davidson — The Language of Birds (album), and Fonnsheen (album)
  • Florence + the Machine — How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (album), and Ceremonials (album)
  • Giant — Last of the Runaways (album)
  • Glass Tiger — The Thin Red Line (album)
  • Grace Potter and the Nocturnals — The Lion, the Beast, the Beat (album), and Grace Potter & the Nocturnals (album)
  • Grateful Dead (every single studio album they ever made)
  • Halestorm — Into the Wild Life (album), The Strange Case of… (album), and Halestorm (album)
  • Hardline — Hot Cherie (song)
  • Jim Faupel — Here Be Dragons (album), and Reinventing the Wheel (album)
  • Kellianna — Traditions (album), Elemental (album), and Lady Moon (album)
  • Omnia — Musick and Poetree (album), Wolf Love (album), World of Omnia (album), Paganfolk at the Fairy Ball (album), and Alive! (album)
  • Paul C. Newman — Passing Fayre (album)
  • Rush — (every studio album they have made)
  • Sara Evans — Restless (album), and Three Chords and the Truth (album)
  • Yes (every studio album they have made)

As you can see….my tastes are quite eclectic. Depending on my mood, I will fire up any of these albums at any given time. And if I find that none of them match my mood…I have tons more to pick from off of my external hard drive back at the house. Music is a driving force in my life…each song tugs at a different string in my soul, evoking a different moment of magick within my life. Sometimes its a piece of magick from the Past, sometimes a piece of magick that just happened, and sometimes its a hint of magick yet to come.

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